In today's world, we all rely heavily on various software products, which are carefully programmed by developers. But what is computer programming?


Programming Definition

A computer program consists of code that is executed on a computer to perform certain tasks. This code is written by programmers.


Programming is the process of machines receiving a set of instructions that describe how to execute a program. Programmers spend their entire career learning different programming languages ??and tools so that they can effectively build computer programs.


How do you become a computer programmer?

Many computer programmers start out as self-taught enthusiasts, and a lifelong interest in programming can be a career asset, as continuous learning is essential for a computer programmer.


“Earning a degree is a great way to start a career and gives you a foundation from which to organize your experiences.


Do you need a programming job? let's back to our regularly scheduled programming because computer science is not an easy field with too much competition. Also, the stress of learning all the different programming languages, coding, data structures, etc.


It's a lot to take in. Some people were born for it and think it's trivial to learn all that and excel in the subject in general. The rest of the people are left behind, even though they may be genuinely interested in the topic.



Your numbers determine how good your ranking is. There is no denying that it is the truth in whatever field you choose to pursue. Your grades are based on your performance on tests, your attendance, and finally, your homework. As mentioned above, not everyone is cut from the same cloth, some people need more time to learn concepts.

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Computer programming can be a very rewarding career, both intellectually and financially. Programmers must be willing to learn new things and solve complex problems.


There are many different programming areas to explore, such as web, mobile, game development, or systems engineering. Some areas require formal training, while others are open to self-taught programmers.


I hope you liked this article and good luck with your programming journey.