Kadena (KDA) is a blockchain network and smart contract platform. Its goal is to unify public applications with private blockchains and other interoperable chains. This will eventually drive more traffic to the heart of the Kadena public chain.


According to the brains behind Kadena, crypto is designed to work for everyone and serve global financial systems. It offers smarter contracts, free transactions are energy efficient, and provides security for Bitcoin. It all sounds good, but how well does KDA work for crypto workers?


Summary Goldshell KD6


Goldshell KD6, also known as the K06 Kadena Miner, it will be available from April 2022. Since its predecessor has a great connection, it made sense to continue with KD6. Miner comes with a hash rate of 26.3 ThV and a maximum power consumption of 2630 W.


With Goldshell t (136 Miner, Kadena is the best coin. And this is a surprise as the coin is currently the most profitable. Today's market data shows that the miner will earn $260 in daily profit.


There are a few changes here and there, but the layout looks the same as KDS Miner. We have a miner with a more powerful and high voltage chip. It weighs 8500g and comes with an additional exclusive Blake2s algorithm for KDA mining.


Higher performance and lower power consumption


You will get a new generation of self-developed high-performance computer chips. You will have excellent and stable computer skills. The most powerful Kadena mine on the market, KD6, contains the high performance computer chip developed by Goldshell itself.


The profitability of Goldshell KD6


 The current market prefers the smaller ones from Kadena, and the result says it all. One day's revenue extraction with Kadena KD6 is estimated at $290. The cost of electricity depends on its prices, which should be around $7. The total annual profit is approximately $104,500 and the profitability will vary depending on the user and the operation time.


Efficiency Goldshell KD6


           Operating efficiency will increase by approximately 20% 211 while saving electricity and increasing return on investment. Compared to the KD5, the Goldshell KD6 reduces power consumption to only 0.1W/G, a highly efficient mining machine in its operation and power consumption.


New design

Improved internal coding structure. which will extend the life cycle of your miner. KD6 with a consistently integrated body design. The whole machine is highly integrated. Safer and more convenient. Save space. At the same time. deep adjustment of the cooling structure. Improved encryption function. extend the entire life cycle.


Intuitive and visual trading data. Clear background control interface. Accurate representation of the real-time hashrate of the mining machine. Information such as the average hash rate and fluctuations in computing power make it easy to see the operating status of the device at any given time.