Basically, academic writing is writing for academic purposes. It is engaging in a conversation with others, but the way this conversation takes place is different from how everyday conversation unfolds. Yes, academic writing involves expressing your ideas, but these ideas must be presented in response to another person or group; and they must also be carefully crafted, well grounded, logically ordered, carefully reasoned, and stitched together.


There are different types of academic writing. In academic contexts, we write for many different purposes. We write reading responses, book reviews, argumentative essays, literature reviews, empirical research articles, grant proposals, conference abstracts, commentaries, notes, etc. Each of these types of academic writing has its own purpose, organizational structure, and linguistic characteristics. Knowing more information about this please click here Scholion.


Why is academic writing important?


Academic writing is a means to produce, modify, transfer, evaluate, renew, teach and learn knowledge and ideology in academic disciplines. Being able to write in an academic style is critical to disciplinary learning and critical to academic success. Controlling academic writing gives you capital, power and freedom of action in knowledge construction, identity construction, disciplinary practices, social positioning and professional development.



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