Electric Drivetrain System Market Overview

The automotive electric drivetrain system market refers to the segment of the automotive industry that is focused on the development, production, and sale of electric drivetrain systems for vehicles.

Electric drivetrain systems are used in electric vehicles (EVs), which are powered by one or more electric motors, rather than internal combustion engines (ICEs). The electric motors are powered by a battery pack, which can be charged using electricity from the grid or through regenerative braking.

The global automotive electric drivetrain system market is expected to grow significantly in the coming years, driven by several factors such as increasing government support for electric vehicles, rising consumer demand for EVs, and advancements in battery technology. Additionally, several major automakers have announced plans to shift their production focus to electric vehicles, further driving growth in this market.

In the automotive industry, multiple industry players are shifting to electrification technology usage recently. Consumers are growing more environmentally conscious, and awareness for environmental protection is high in the market. Climate change, in particular, is a major concern in industries; this has prompted the adoption of the automotive electric drivetrain system. Thus, multiple automotive manufacturers are focusing on the development of electric and hybrid drivetrains with electrification technology. In multiple industries, drivetrains are called powertrain trains. The latter mainly has a full system contributing to the wheel power. However, drivetrains comprise specific parts that connect the wheel and driveline.

The components provide the transmission power for wheel movement. It is expected that the Automotive Electric Drivetrain System Industry would overtake the manual transmission market share within few years. This is due to its eco-friendly structure and high-efficiency potential. The driveshaft is a tubular-shaped long steel structure that is present at the vehicular gearbox. The automotive drivetrain system overall includes drive shafts, transmission, axles, wheel, CV joints, and U joints. Key players in the market focus on the manufacturer of these components to ensure higher efficiency of automotive electric drivetrain system. This has contributed to the rise in drive train sales globally and electric drivetrain usage in multiple vehicles.

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The Automotive Electric Drivetrain System Market includes multiple drivers, challenges, restraints, and trends. Common drivers include the increase in the number of EV models for CO2-neutral balance control. The rules and regulations for global carbon emission rates are more strict. This is a contributing factor for the increased development and adoption of electric vehicular systems. Many governments globally are supportive of the shift to electric vehicles, which has increased the Automotive Electric Drivetrain System Market Size. Countries are following their governmental initiatives for emission rate reduction to improve the environmental condition and adapting to EVs. Plus, advancements in technology, growing consumer interest in health, and advanced hybrid and electric vehicle types have promoted the growth of the electric drivetrain market.

Electric Drivetrain System Market Segmentation

The Automotive Electric Drivetrain System Market Trends are visible in sections, specifically vehicle class, vehicle types, charging station, component, and type of propulsion. In terms of vehicle class, manufacturers are producing both luxury and mid-price range drivetrain components. There are home charging options available as well. The competitors in the markets produce two types of automotive electric drivetrain systems as per charging station type. These include supercharging and normal charging stations. The vehicular type-based segmentation includes two-wheeler, commercial vehicle, and passenger car varieties in the Automotive Electric Drivetrain System Market. The types of propulsion include hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), battery electric vehicle (BEV), Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), and Fuel Cell electric vehicle (FCEV). The component type segmentation includes electric motors, battery cells and packs, infotainment, and onboard charge. The output levels are available in different varieties- more than 250KW, lower than 100KW, and 100-250KW range.

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Electric Drivetrain System Market Regional overview

The Automotive Electric Drivetrain System Market Growth is visible in the Asia Pacific more prominently. Notable countries, including India, China, Thailand, Japan, and South Korea, are the main contributors. Front-wheel vehicles are more common in the Asia Pacific region; manufacturers focus on these components for higher performance and capacity rates. AWD (all-wheel-drive) is expected to dominate China and India's automotive industry markets. The countries with high development and usage rates of automotive electric drivetrains in the North American region are Canada and United States. Moreover, Europe contributes highly to the increased Automotive Electric Drivetrain System Market Share. Fuel cell, hybrid, and electric technologies are common technique-based drivers in this region in the automotive industry.

Electric Drivetrain System Industry news

Pandemic conditions have affected the production rates in this industry in recent years. However, multiple new developments are visible related to electric vehicles. Multiple industry players are opting for green energy resources for mobility solutions. The rise in social consciousness about vehicle gas emission has resulted in an increased adoption rate of electric vehicles.

Electric Drivetrain System Market Key Players

Aisin Seiki Co. Ltd. (Japan) American Axle & Manufacturing (U.S.) GKN plc. (U.S.) Magna International Inc. (Canada) BorgWarner Inc. (U.S.) Dana Holding Corporation (U.S.) JTEKT Corporation (Japan) TM4 (Canada) Magtec (U.K.) Delphi Automotive LLP (U.K) Visedo (Finland) Parker Hannifin Corp (U.S.) Punch Powertrain Nv (Belgium) AVTEC LTD (India) AxleTech International SAS (U.S.)

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