It is imperative to decide how to invest the money. There are so many factors that you need to consider like risk &return, inflation, taxes, diversification, and dividends. Figuring out the best return on the money can take a lot of planning as well as thought.

There are investors who can deliberately choose and make it complicated. And when they select the stocks, they do not worry about the financial stability of the company and selling the stock at an effective price. They ask whether the company can help and make the world better. On this note, let’s explore what SRI is.

SRI or Socially Responsible Investing happens to be the act of selecting investments in terms of social good and financial gain. Socially responsible investors focus on investing in companies doing businesses with a positive &responsible approach. In general, the professionals look for companies having a great good record on the ESG issues such as environment, corporate governance, and social justice. To know more, here are the types of investments.

Types of Socially responsible investing

Cleaner Environment

“Green” investors always prefer the companies which don’t pollute the environment. There are some who refuse investing in fossil fuels, while others can look for the companies minimizing the carbon footprint of products as well as services.

Social Justice

The investors who refuse to do the business in the countries with records of the human rights violations fall under this category. The others look for eligible companies that can offer workers with wages &decent working ways and conditions.

Promoting Peace

As far as the Best Online Investment Companies are concerned, the peace investors would never invest in the war. They always avoid companies that can make weapons or profit from any conflict in specificforeign countries.

Promoting Health

There are socially responsible investors who intend to refuse to invest in companies that can sell tobacco and alcohol. The others refuse investing in the products which they think as a threat to the human health.

Promoting Morality

According to Best Robo Advisor 2020, most socially responsible investors continue time-honored practices of avoiding the “sin industries.” The fact is that different investors see the category as different enterprises types like liquor, pornography, contraception, and gambling.

While many issues are prominent with political lefts, SRI does not get defined by politics.