Ying Xiaoxiao was noncommittal and said, "Since you are so optimistic about him, let's take a look. He is under a lot of pressure this time. If he fails to understand, there will inevitably be some gossip. Whether he can avoid it depends on his own ability." As soon as the voice fell, Ying Xiaoxiao's eyes suddenly moved. He turned his eyes to the distant sky and said with a smile, "He's coming.." Whew! And at the moment when the voice of Ying Xiaoxiao just fell, the distant sky suddenly heard the sound of the rapid breaking wind, and suddenly the eyes of the mountains and plains were instantly shifted, looking in that direction, the atmosphere became much hotter. The forest movement finally came. I thought he gave up. "Hey, I don't know if he can understand the Great Wilderness Sutra this time. His previous achievements, compared with Zhou Tong's predecessors, are, after all, a small fight. Now this is the real ability to consider." "Yes." The sound of whispering, like the tide, spread in the sea of people, and in the spread of the sound, the wind became louder and louder, after several breaths, a figure came through the air, and finally appeared in the sky. Two Martial Uncles, the disciples are late. Lin Dong appeared from the sky, his eyes first looked at the dense sea of people all over the mountains and plains with some consternation, and then he looked up at the two of them,Inflatable water park factory, with some apologies in his voice. Well, just catch up. Dust really smiled and nodded, slightly with a fine look in the body of Lin Dong scanned a circle, immediately eyes slightly congealed, with his eyes, naturally can see that the strength of Lin Dong, it seems that in this half month, there is no small progress. This guy.. Chen Zhen and Wu Dao looked at each other and saw a look of joy and surprise in each other's eyes. Now that you have come, let's go. Remember,inflatable amusement park, don't be too reluctant. Although Dahuang Wujing is powerful, the most powerful thing is itself. Wudao waved his hand and laughed. Disciples are taught. Lin nodded with a smile, then slanted his head and looked at the huge Great Wilderness Monument. He took a deep breath and suppressed the excitement in his heart. Since he came to Daozong, he was most concerned about the Great Wilderness Sutra, the first of the four extraordinary sutras of Daozong. Now, he finally had this opportunity.. Eyes fixed on the Great Wilderness Monument, Lin moved his body, floating out, and finally fell slowly from the top of the Qingyan. Standing in front of the Great Wilderness Monument, Lin Dongfang was aware of the vast barren atmosphere. Standing here, he was like returning to the vast ancient land. Hum! And when Lin Dong was somewhat immersed in that kind of vastness, a slight fluctuation suddenly emanated from his body, and immediately his eyes suddenly shrank. Chapter 698 desolation. The fluctuation was extremely sudden and subtle, but after all, the fluctuation came from Lin Dong's body, so he was aware of it at the first time, and then his pupils showed some signs of tightening. Because that wave is sent out by the mysterious stone amulet. And that kind of fluctuation is slightly strange, to be exact, Inflatable 5k obstacle ,Inflatable water park on lake, it is a very obvious target, this situation is the first time that Lin Dong has met such a performance since he got the mysterious stone amulet. How could the stone amulet be aimed at this barren monument? Lin frowned, muttered, and then he raised his eyes, the line of sight to stay in front of this vast and majestic monument, the surface of the monument because of the passage of time and some yellow, and above is not a bright and clean, but there are a lot of pits, some small cracks, like reptiles spread open, but for the whole monument, there is no doubt. It doesn't seem to be a particularly big problem. Lin Dong's eyes, very carefully swept over the surface of the stone tablet inch by inch, so about a few minutes later, his eyes suddenly froze and looked at the stone tablet, where, on the rough surface of the tablet, there were some small black spots that were difficult to detect with the naked eye. And when Lin moved his eyes to see those small black spots, he suddenly noticed that the mysterious stone amulet in his body was shaking again, and a wave of fluctuations came out. Lin moved a touch of surprise in the depths of his eyes, and then his eyes shifted around, and then he found that on the stone tablet, these black dots seemed to be quite a few, but because the tablet was too large, coupled with the erosion of the years, leaving some black dots on it seemed to be a normal thing, if not for the reaction of the mysterious stone in Lin's body, I'm afraid it would be Lin's. They don't even notice these perfectly normal black spots. Lin Dong stared at the small black spots, hesitated for a moment, and finally stepped forward, then stretched out a finger and touched a small black spot. Lin move, Jiang Hao five people are very close to the stone tablet, and before, Jiang Hao they are also looking at the stone tablet with great concern, they also reached out to touch, so at this moment, the people around Lin move this move, but did not feel too strange. And it was in full view of the public that Lin's moving fingers gently fell on the small black spots on the surface of the monument. At the moment of touching, Lin Dong's complexion also changed dramatically in an instant. Fingers fall, a trace of fluctuations, into the body of the forest movement, that fluctuation, cold and without vitality, faintly, with a strange evil of erasing all things in the world. Lin moved his fingers, only to touch the moment is suddenly pulled back, and then his face, but also the emergence of a touch of pale color, eyes frightened to stare at those small black spots. That kind of fluctuation, extreme cold and strange, does not contain vitality, although Lin Dong knows that when practicing to the mysterious realm of death, the human body will be born with extremely destructive dead gas, but that kind of dead gas and this black spot, but there is an essential difference. And the most important thing is that this is not the first time that Lin Dong has seen such an evil thing. He had also felt it in the ancient sect of the Great Wilderness Stele in the Great Wilderness County of the Great Yan Dynasty. That kind of cold evil gas,inflatable water slide, monstrous, where it passes, as if even the spirit of heaven and earth has been obliterated. joyshineinflatables.com