After listening to this report, Liu Fei's face showed a proud smile. He took one look at Mrs. Delong, who was unconscious on the ground, and said, "Somebody, wake Mrs. Delong up. It's time to calculate the total account with her." Volume 11 Heming's Ultimate Test Chapter 2943 It's time to settle accounts! Soon, Mrs. Delong finally woke up after being fumigated with the smelly smoke antidote in a small porcelain bottle. When she saw the soldiers and policemen with live ammunition around her, her face turned pale. Especially when she saw Liu Fei standing not far away with a calm smile on his face, she felt her head buzzing and her face looked very ugly. By the time she came to her senses, she realized that she had been controlled by Liu Fei's men. Looking at the men around her, she had already disappeared. Mrs. Delong stood up from the ground and looked at the handcuffs in her hands. She soon calmed down and looked at Liu Fei with a cold expression and said, "Liu Fei, what do you mean? I'm a foreign businessman." Who are you to send someone to handcuff me? Liu Fei smiled calmly and said, "Mrs. Delong, you should know better than me why I sent someone to handcuff you. You are so awesome that you actually set up the underground bank under the eyes of our municipal party committee and the municipal public security Bureau. You really understand the sentence that the most dangerous place is the safest place incisively and vividly. And what I didn't expect is that." Now that the 10th, 11th and 12th floors of this building have become your property, your tactics are really quiet. Besides, you even sent armed mercenaries to protect this place. It seems that you are really bold enough. This last one alone is enough to handcuff you, don't you think? "Well,321 stainless steel sheet, it's my right by law to use weapons to protect private property, and I have the right to do so," Mrs. Delong said with a sneer. Liu Fei said with a faint smile: "Wrong, very wrong. If you are in the United States, there is nothing wrong for you to do so. But here is Huaxia. In our Huaxia, the only applicable law is the law of our Huaxia. The law of the United States is of no use in our Haiming City and in our China. Moreover, your people arrested me with guns,x52 line pipe, even kidnapped my friends and threatened me." All of these have violated the laws of our country. Well, I won't talk to you about this problem any more, because from now on, you have completely lost all your freedom, waiting for you to be sentenced to life imprisonment at least. Now I only make one request to you, if you want to be dealt with leniently. It's better to return the 18 billion yuan that was taken from our Haiming City before and all the money that our corrupt officials deposited in your underground bank to our Haiming City. In addition, you should give me a list of all the corrupt officials who deposited in your underground bank. Hearing what Liu Fei said, Mrs. Delong knew that if she made a careless move, she would lose the whole game. Now, it's almost impossible to escape from Liu Fei again. So she pondered a little and then burst out laughing: "Liu Fei, I'm like this now. It's useless for you to tell me what leniency is. I'm not a three-year-old child." Do you think I will be fooled by you? In addition, I am a businessman, as a businessman, micro gear motor ,x56 line pipe, confidentiality for clients is a business ethics, which I firmly adhere to, so I can not tell you any information, you die of this heart, and I can tell you clearly that I do not admit that this is my underground bank. I have never engaged in any illegal underground financial activities, so you can't use this crime to accuse me at all. Liu Fei smiled, smiling deeply: "Oh, it seems that in your opinion, many of the equipment at the scene were smashed, we can not find any evidence, it seems that you really look down on me." Mrs. Delong laughed and said, "I just look down on you. What can you do? You can't touch a penny of the money in my account and the money in the company account without my password and my consent. Even if I hack your Haiming City for tens of billions of yuan, what can you do with me? I won't let your Haiming City get a penny.". ” Liu Fei said with a smile, "I have said that you look down on me, just like the contest to arrest you this time. Don't you also think that if you kidnap Li Xiaolu, I will have no way to take you? But I can tell you clearly that Li Xiaolu's appearance was arranged by me on my own initiative, and the blackout and signal shielding were also arranged by me. I have fought with you so many times, and I have suffered so many losses." I have already mastered your means and psychology clearly, Mrs. Delong, don't think that you play a rogue I take you no way, I can tell you clearly, I Liu Fei's purpose of life is that I will not attack unless I am attacked, if I am attacked, I will return it a hundred times, people respect me a foot, I respect people a foot, since you want to play a rogue, I will do more than you. You just wait and see. With that, Liu Fei waved his big hand, and Mrs. Delong was immediately pushed out. At this time, Mrs. Delong seemed to think of something. Suddenly she struggled and said angrily: "Liu Fei, you can't play shameless. You can't play rogue. You are the Secretary of the Haiming Municipal Party Committee. If you do that, you will be laughed at by the international public opinion. You will be nailed to the frame of shame." Liu Fei said coldly: "Hum, only you foreigners are allowed to act like scoundrels. Don't we Chinese need to use some means? Don't you think that the quantitative monetary easing policy released by the United States is a deliberate manipulation of the currency market, while the normal monetary policy implemented by China is a manipulation of the exchange rate? Your American logic is too shameless." You really only allow the governor to set fire to the common people, but I tell you, in front of me Liu Fei, your American logic is not feasible, you obey the rules, I Liu Fei will also obey the rules, if you break the rules and play dirty, I Liu Fei will still accompany in the end,347 stainless steel, I will let you know that it is not just you who will play dirty. I will let you feel what is called the Chinese style of striking after the enemy has struck. Mrs. Delong wanted to say something, but Liu Fei waved his hand vigorously, and Mrs. Delong was taken out directly.