Feifei heard the mouth cramps, three black lines hanging on his head, no, how many days is Ansheng's life? Do you want her to work hard outside again? Alas, I stabbed the Grand Master just now, and now my hands are still trembling, and I'm still a little cold behind my neck. Originally thought, made such a great contribution, the female emperor will let her rest in the newly built house for a few days, eat delicacies, learn to cross their legs at home, command the servants to do things, put on the prestige of the first grade left phase and Phoenix Dance Pavilion Grand Maester, now, the female emperor's decree, those lovely jewelry and gold have not touched the heat, she will go out to work, or a hard job. In the past, I didn't know that I would go to control the water in person, so I used the things in the book to fool the female emperor. It was just an armchair strategist. Now if she can't cure the water, I'm afraid the consequences. The more I thought about it, the cooler my heart became. On the surface, Feifei had to thank the Lord for his kindness and did enough courtesy before leaving. Ji Jun Wang accompanied to see the female emperor, then said to ask Feifei to go with her to Jun Wang Fu as a guest. Not long after walking out of the study of the female emperor, a strange boy came to invite him, saying that the queen of the phoenix had invited the Grand Maester Hua. Ji Jun Wang knew him, called out "Little Jin Ge", and turned to Feifei and said that he was waiting for her outside the Qingbo Gate. Feifei was nervous. The Phoenix Queen had never met her. What was she going to do? Or first think about what may be asked after the meeting,Inflatable mechanical bull, first think about a bottom in the stomach. The little brother Jin led Feifei to the "Qifeng Palace" and went through the corridor to the main hall. Feifei had no intention to see the scenery all the way. He stepped into the hall with a glittering stone floor. He took a few steps forward and saw the phoenix seat. He bowed his head and knelt down: "I knock on the phoenix queen!" "Get up." A very cold and low mellow male voice sounded, Feifei thanked and got up, his eyes could not move away as soon as he saw the phoenix. Oh, my God, how can this place be full of handsome men? The beauty of Xiwan is the elegance of unworldly fireworks, while the beauty of Phoenix Queen is the unique charm of the cold temperament of mountain spring and the proud and gorgeous mixture of peony, so dazzling and unattainable, like a stunning rose alone in the quiet night, so beautiful that people lose their minds, and the deep black pupils seem to suck people in.. Feifei has been staring blankly at the Phoenix Queen,Inflatable indoor park, hollowing out the adjectives in his heart to describe the beauty of the Phoenix Queen, and suddenly he shouted in his ear: "Bold, dare to look directly at the Phoenix Queen!" Feifei was like waking up from a dream, hurriedly kneeling down and bowing his head to plead guilty, complaining in his heart how he did not divide the time, place and occasion, Feng Hou is not a modern star, can let her see cool. Finished, after she desecrated Feng, I don't know how she would be punished. "Just as well, it's common for Lord Hua to be a new official and not know the rules." The clear voice sounded again, and Gong Shenxue, the queen of the phoenix, lowered her eyes and looked at the flowers kneeling below, and a flash of light flashed through her eyes, so fast that people could not catch it. Kneeling below, Feifei knew nothing about it and breathed a sigh of relief. But Feng Hou didn't call her up. She could only bend her knees and kneel down. She had to thank her: "I thank Feng Hou for not being guilty. I will study the rules of the palace well in the future and dare not commit any more crimes!" "Well," or that kind of cold voice, slow but very elegant, "the flower adult assisted the emperor Pingzheng meritorious service, Inflatable water obstacle course ,inflatable floating water park, the palace is very gratified, in the future the flower adult should set an example and serve the court." "Yes, it is my honor and duty to be loyal to the emperor and the Queen of Phoenix. I will follow the teachings of the Queen of Phoenix and devote myself to the court until I die." Hey hey, this is beautiful, Feifei wiped the sweat in his heart, originally to praise her, ah, make mysterious, harm her thought Feng Hou and Taishi have any relationship, want to do her, fortunately fortunately! 'Good. Then you stand down. Under the words of Feng Hou, Feifei was able to thank him and get up, and his feet were so numb that he could not stand up. Alas, this phoenix queen is a plum blossom, which is beautiful, but unfortunately it is too cold and too aloof, and it seems to be much more shrewd than the female emperor. Listening to his lecture is like a person in the refrigerator (of course, it is winter time). Alas, thanks to her, she was fascinated by his beautiful appearance just now. Ice beauty, oh, untouchable. Out of the Qifeng Palace, under the guidance of the boy, she arrived at the gate of Qingbo. Sure enough, the king of Ji County was still waiting for her in the carriage. Also don't ask the phoenix queen asked her to ask what, Ji county king just very politely called fly to her home as a guest, hospitality is difficult, fly with Ji county king went. Along the way, Feifei lifted the curtain and looked around. The ancient imperial city was also very lively. People came and went in the streets, walking, riding horses, sitting in sedan chairs, doing business, walking through the streets, and all kinds of sounds rang out. What a bustling city. Feifei has been reluctant to draw the curtain, Ji Jun Wang a look in the heart. Not many will arrive at Ji Jun Wang's home, is also very luxurious, pavilions, red bricks and green tiles, flowers and trees, really worthy of the emperor's relatives. After entering one courtyard after another, he finally entered a big house, which seemed to be a living room. "It's almost dusk," said King Ji Jun. "Why don't you eat in the house first, and I'll take you to the city for a walk?" "Well, then there's the King of Lao County." Great, I can go for a stroll. I have been in the palace for more than a month. Now I can finally experience the ordinary life of the ancient common people! Ji Jun Wang Fu's dinner, of course, is also very rich, what have never heard of before the dishes, has been placed on the table. Two people flatter to flatter, push a cup to change a cup, the guest and host two are very happy to eat. Feifei is not very good at drinking, so he has a few drinks. Fortunately, they are all low-grade, otherwise he can get drunk. After dinner, Ji Jun Wang said he would take Feifei to a good place to relax. The two men changed their official clothes, dressed up as ordinary ladies of an aristocratic family, got into the carriage, followed by several servants and guards, and went out in a large crowd. Talking and laughing all the way,inflatable amusement park, before long the car stopped, Ji Jun Wang and Feifei got off one after another. The car stopped at the gate of a courtyard. There were many people coming and going. It seemed that all the people coming in and out were ladies dressed in luxurious clothes. Some young men dressed in gorgeous clothes were waving handkerchiefs at the gate to see the guests off. Feifei looked up at the plaque above: Xun Fang Lou. Oh, it's a brothel. What? A brothel?. joyshineinflatables.com