Startled in the cold night he was overjoyed and said to himself "Since this kind of thing is still there I will get it sooner or later" Can But in whose hands can he be Then he writhed carefully into the ring of space 706SSS Mission US Area (XXXVII) The conversation between Leng Ye and Alan George actually took place in a special space Without his permission the other women could not hear the conversation between them so they had no worries when they spoke However he searched the entire ring of space still did not find the shadow of the particle emitter can not help but a chill He looked at JOKER and other women and found that they were all looking at him inexplicably but there was absolutely no sign of any privacy Leng Ye heaved a deep sigh and thought to himself "There is a time in life when you must have it There is no time in life when you can't force it Let nature take its course" He wanted to take Ellen and George with him to avenge her evil father but the beauty said she never wanted to see him again in her life Cold night standing in the human point of view can understand Alan George's difficulties also did not force said goodbye to her with five women straight to the depths of the church After a while several people came to a place with five gates again In the cold night I found that Lazy Sword had been outside for such a long time and had never been a demon so I couldn't help being overjoyed With the lazy sword in his hand he didn't think much about it but let JOKER open the middle door and go in with the five women In the private room of a restaurant in the main city of California Frost and the mischievous princess are lying on the sofa in a daze Suddenly mischievous princess asks "Frost elder sister where did you say Environment cold night elder brother went" He didn't go to chase MM did he Mischievous Princess's voice with a trace of displeasure there is a hint of jealousy it seems that the cold night is his husband in general The mischievous princess's performance naturally could not escape the frost's eyes how could she not know the mischievous princess's mind In fact the frost has already had the meaning of letting the mischievous princess follow the cold night It doesn't matter whether she can get married or not The key is that the mischievous princess can stay by her side in the cold night In her opinion the important thing is that the missile princess is a lucky messenger Her blessing may be of no use to ordinary people but for the already very lucky cold night its importance is self-evident She knew it was a bit selfish to do so however she knew better let the cold night such a person without background in Lingyun in addition to having enough strength not enough luck is absolutely not feasible Frost has to admit that the mischievous princess is a very lovely little girl not to mention the beauty of the person but also from time to time to make some tricks of the whole person people can not guard against this point even the cold night also suffered her loss But the frost son does not understand why his husband to such a little heartthrob who is loved by everyone will have no interest she absolutely believes that it is absolutely not tight because the mischievous princess is "Princess Taiping" there must be some special reason as to what she does not understand China Suppliers but she absolutely believes that there must be it is because he knows that although his husband is the day after tomorrow But also has a very strong resistance to beauty and the ability to choose is by no means all comers Now frost can only through their own efforts so that the mischievous princess can take the initiative to contact with the cold night so as to be able to better help the cold night She deeply knew that her husband was now standing on the highest point of Lingyun if no one helped it was easy to fall down once he fell down she did not know whether he could withstand the blow Whether the cold night can withstand the blow of failure or not the result is what the frost does not want to see She didn't want her husband to fail and she didn't want her husband to be sad so she always tried her best to think for him and did a lot of things for him silently Of course the frost has also considered a cold night of women it will certainly share his love for himself Frost knew that what other women shared was only the time they loved her in the cold night but that degree would not be weakened at all On the contrary she could deeply realize that besides Cher whom she had never seen before her husband loved her most which she could affirm Seeing the mischievous princess in such a hurry Shuang'er said with a smile "Mischievous sister if you really like a person you should be able to accept everything about him Transportation from the bottom of your heart try your best to help him love him trust him 100% and give him full freedom instead of being suspicious all day thinking about this and that and making him worry" Although the mischievous princess did not understand she nodded and said "Sister Frost shall we go out and help Brother Leng Ye to find Tashi" "Oh good!" Frost smiled and walked outside the restaurant with the mischievous princess Just out of the restaurant the pager of the frost rang the water was blue and it was directly connected There immediately came the impatient voice of Shui Rulan "Sister Shuang where is your husband" Are you in another dimension Can't get in touch! United States Area of the 707SSS Mission (XXXVIII) "Sister Lan my husband left me and my naughty sister in the hotel and went to find Tashi alone" What's the big deal Asked Frost A girl named Lulu said that she had a lost treasure in her hand and wanted to see her husband in person He said he would only give me a quarter of an hour at most and I was already trying to buy time Shui Rulan said Sister Lan I don't know when my husband will finish the task Why don't we talk to her! Wait for me to go back right away After hanging up the pager Frost said to the mischievous princess "You wait here for your brother Leng Ye If he asks just say that I have a little thing to do in the gang Don't worry about me" Have a few words to the mischievous princess this just crushed the scroll back to the city In the meeting hall of the Sword Demon Shrine five people were seated including Shuang'er Shui Rulan the down-and-out childe Jin Dao and a very beautiful girl But the frost soon sent the down-and-out childe and the golden knife away leaving only three girls in the big meeting hall