Why do you need a sub-panel installation?


Using a subpanel might be the best solution if your home's service panel doesn't have space for new circuit breakers and you can't use tandem breakers. A thick three-wire cable connects the subpanel to the main service panel while the feeder breaker in the main panel serves as the main disconnect for the sub panel. This is not a simple DIY job and one should need an expert to install these panels. Hence you must consult an inspector before sub-panel installation to ensure that your system is not overloaded.


Importance of Installing Sub Panels

An electrician can add a sub-panel to relieve the main panel from the load. By doing this, you can avoid overloading your electrical system and tripping breakers or melting fuses.

Subpanels are also used to separate the electrical needs of different areas. A homeowner may choose to turn off a subpanel if a particular room uses a lot of electricity, such as a home theater or office. A subpanel also allows homeowners to install more electronics throughout their homes without worrying about overloading them.


Reasons for Sub-Panel Installation


1. Creating space

There are a variety of reasons why sub-panels can be added. For instance, there may be a space problem with your main panel. Adding new renovations and additions to a household increases the likelihood of needing additional electrical power. Your main panel may not have enough room to add more circuits to meet the new power requirements if you add a garage, workshop, or addition to your house. The electrician may attempt to reconfigure or replace some circuit breakers on the main panel with lower-profile switches to create more space. However, if these options aren't sufficient, a sub-panel installation is the next step.


2. Renovations and additions to homes

If you are planning to make any major renovations or additions to your home, a sub-panel can make a lot of sense. You can save a lot of hassle and inconvenience if you plan on renting your new addition by Sub Panel Installation in Braselton that can be easily accessed by your tenant.

In fact, it is a requirement of electrical codes that residents have access to their own circuit panels. A sub-panel is the best solution if you want to avoid code violations, as well as tenants needing access to reset tripped breakers.


Tip: Consider the Functions of Sub Panels

Consider your reasoning if you think you might need a sub panel. Adding a subpanel to your home can improve its electrical system in a variety of ways, but installing one can be expensive. Consider some of the common reasons why people choose to install a subpanel at home to make sure you are making the right choice.


However, with the right equipment and experts handling installation and maintenance, you can keep your home's electrical system running smoothly all the time. If you are looking for Sub Panel Installation in Braselton services, ElectricPros is ready to help. Get in touch with us today!


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