Yan Chengjiu soon disappeared around the farm with eggs in his arms. It was still a long time before the dark sun appeared the next day. There would not be many people in the city at night. If he speeded up, he might be able to return to the safe house earlier. The longer you stay outside, the more variable it is. Snow demon looked at a face of unfathomable Lin Yinwu, crustily skin of head way, "that young man is very strange, not Yang election but has extraordinary ability, so let him go.." "No one can stay out of it after they get my stuff." Lin Yinwu looked at the snow demon with a smile. "It's your turn to go in and get it." —————————————— At four o'clock in the morning, Xie Sihan was still dreaming in bed when he was suddenly woken up by a person. Thank you, thank you! "Who is it? Don't make any noise." Xie Sihan pushed the man away impatiently, turned over and went back to sleep. Eh? Why does that sound familiar? Xie Sihan immediately sat up from the bed and saw Yan Chengjiu looking at him with a smile. "Brother Xie, I'm sorry to bother you.". But I have something urgent now, and I want to ask you when the Academy of Sciences opens. "You're back so fast." Xie Sihan wiped his face and wondered, "The Academy of Sciences opened at six o'clock. What happened?" Yan Chengjiu scratched his head and pointed to the two eggs by the door. "I heard a sound, and one of them seemed to be breaking out of its shell." Xie Sihan looked at the door along Yan Chengjiu's fingers, and his eyes straightened at once. This This, this, this.. This is too big! Xie Sihan secretly swallowed saliva,plastic bottle making machine, he has not eaten eggs for a long time, suddenly appeared such two huge eggs placed in front of the door, his first reaction is not surprised, but in his mind remembered all kinds of eggs to eat. Scrambled eggs with tomatoes or something. He seems to have a kind of tomato. He can eat such a big egg for a month! Scrambled eggs, pot collapsed tenderloin, seaweed egg soup,PET bottle Mold, stewed eggs, Egg Boiled with Salt and Tea, tiger eggs, egg tarts.. No, this is not the time to think about it. Xie Sihan shook his head and hurriedly removed the unrealistic things in his mind. "Is this the result you got back?"? I remember the egg that the man brought back last time was not so big, and you had to break the shell? "Are there any eggs that can be fertilized or fertilized, but I think those that can hatch chickens will be more valuable." Yan Chengjiu said honestly. My God, I'm rich! Xie Sihan nodded hurriedly and got up from the bed to change clothes. "Yes, yes, I have several big woven bags, just enough to put them in. The Academy of Sciences is also some distance away from our safe house. It should be able to arrive when they open the door." "Huh?" Yan Chengjiu has not yet reacted, but Xie Sihan has pushed Yan Chengjiu to change clothes, liquid bottle filling machine ,water bottling line, "what is the smell on your body, hurry to change clothes, hurry." Yan Chengjiu bowed his head and smelled himself. His face was not good. He carried the rooster all the way and came back with two eggs in his arms. His body was already smelly. He immediately turned out a few clothes that Xie Sihan had helped buy and changed them. Come on, come on! Xie Sihan took a look at Yan Chengjiu's abdominal muscles and was envious. By the time Yan Cheng finished changing his clothes, Xie Sihan had already covered the eggs with two large woven bags. He stretched out his hand to cut an egg, but his hands were on the egg, his face was red, and he could not lift the egg. Why is it so heavy? It's impossible. How can I not lift an egg? Xie Sihan remembered that Yan Chengjiu had taught him a little martial arts, and tried to press the center of gravity to the bottom, successfully moving the egg so a little. "Brother Xie, you put it there and I'll carry it." Yan Chengjiu put on his clothes and said with a smile, "in fact, they are quite heavy." With that, Yan Chengjiu neatly hugged and carried the two eggs, "Brother Xie, can you help me open the door?" Xie Sihan silently looked at Yan Chengjiu for a long time and obediently went to open the door. Cheng Jiu is right in saying that there is no end to learning, and he still needs more practice! Chapter 10 Xiao Wang is an intern researcher of the Academy of Sciences. As a graduate student who has just been admitted to the Academy of Sciences, his status is naturally the lowest. He comes the earliest and leaves the latest. Every day, he has all kinds of work that does not belong to him. However, Xiao Wang did not dare to complain. There were many people who wanted to replace him. The safety factor of the Academy of Sciences was much higher than that of the safe house, and the food was more elaborate. No matter how hard and tired he was, he had to stay here. At six o'clock in the morning, Xiao Wang took the key and opened the door of the Academy of Sciences. Although he went to work at six o'clock in the morning, most of the researchers would not arrive until seven o'clock. But occasionally there are some exceptions. "Academician Zhu, didn't you go back again?" When Xiao Wang opened the door, he saw that there was a light somewhere in the Academy of Sciences. It is the best location of their Academy of Sciences, the largest research site of their Academy of Sciences, and now the second "home" of Academician Zhu Ci. Academician Zhu Ci, who belongs to the National Academy of Sciences, came to them only to hear that there was news of his relatives in their safe house. In order to squeeze out time to find his relatives, Zhu Ci took his work wherever he went, and stayed in the Academy of Sciences like this for more than a day or two. I don't have my nephew here. I'm going back tomorrow. It's better to finish the work quickly because it's almost finished. Zhu Ci is only in his thirties, but he looks like a man of fifty. These senior researchers all know that the end is terrible, although everyone can live in peace by hiding in the room and not going out, but the sun will not remain unchanged. In fact, every time they counted the time of the black sun's appearance, it was the time for these researchers to pray. Academician Zhu, you are busy. I'll go to the canteen to get you some breakfast. Xiao Wang did not dare to delay Zhu Ci's time any longer. He simply said two sentences and was about to go back. As soon as he turned around,water bottle packaging machine, he bumped into someone. Excuse me. Excuse me. Xiao Wang apologized directly without looking at it. I'm sorry I didn't notice you. Xie Sihan stepped back and looked at Xiao Wang and said, "Hello, we are here to exchange supplies." ? gzxilinear.com