"Xiao Sa said that your spiritual power is not enough, so you want to possess others." So I thought, why don't you suck out all your Yang Qi at once? It's faster to recover that way. But you just hide in Dongdong's body and swallow everyone's Yang Qi little by little every day. As a result, I have come to the conclusion that your capacity to swallow Yang Qi every day is limited.. If you exceed this limit, something bad will happen. I braced my eyelids with a smile on my lips. Idiot-how, how possible! There was a trace of uneasiness in her voice. I smiled, "even if you don't admit it, but look at you now, I can be sure." The evil spirit lowered his head in a panic and saw that her huge body had risen out of Dongdong's body. You want me to suck your Yang Qi?!!! She finally pulled out her hand in surprise, and I felt that my soul had long been separated from the body that I had attached to. The cries of Xiao Sa and Xiao Bing suddenly sounded in the distance and faintly stopped with the wind. Little ball. Little ball, where are you? ??” They finally arrived. Is that what you've been stalling for? The evil spirit turned around and stared at me fiercely. It was obvious that she also heard the cry. "Ha ha ha." She laughed ferociously. "It's a pity that the distance is so far. You can't call them with your strength now,ultrasonic dispersing machine, but it's more than enough for me to run away." Yeah.. I can't call them at all. So we can only use the last blow. "Ah," I opened my mouth wide, and with my last strength, I bit the hand of the evil ghost that kept shaking in front of my eyes. One minute, two minutes.. She finally couldn't help shouting and throwing me to the ground. The body is so painful. I vaguely felt that I bounced back at the moment I hit the ground. As a result,ultrasonic cutting machine, I turned back to the ball. Ears are also shaking, that ghost can be really loud. Xiao Sa and Xiao Bing should have heard it. The target is such a big ghost, it should be easy to catch. Cool. In a daze, I seem to hear a cool voice. Is he here, too? Aren't leaders supposed to sit in offices. It's really rare. I tried to open my eyes to see the man who gently picked me up with his hands, but my consciousness finally drifted away. Remembering what Liang once said, "How can even a ghost faint?" …… Yeah.. How interesting I must be the only ghost in the world who can faint. "Little Ball!"! You finally woke up? When I woke up again, I was lying on the soft sofa in the cool office. I told you he was fine. A cold voice sounded, ultrasonic dispersion machine ,ultrasonic metal welding, and I knew it was cold without looking at it-how could I think the last person to hold me was cold when I fainted? Only Xiao Sa can be so gentle. Xiao Sa told his boss in vain, and then urged the doctor in the group, Ah Lu, to give me a general examination. Lu solemnly turned me over and over, then pointed at my buttocks and said, "Everything else is fine.". It's just a little head injury. = = +||||…………………… "Ah ~ furnace ~" "Ha ha ha ha, just kidding." In a burst of slapstick, Xiao Sa left the cool office first. Said he was going to prepare for my party. Then the door was slammed. I finally noticed behind me, the cool body sent out bursts of Yin Qi, ah, heroic spirit. |||| "Cool ~ ~" Really strange, I am obviously very brave to the evil ghost, but when I see him, I have no confidence at all … … "Idiot." He ignored my pitifulness. Ah I was stupefied for a moment, a little uncomfortable, "Cool ~ I dragged her until you arrived oh ~ ~ ~" I whispered to remind, I hope he remembered a hero. Is it? ' He squinted at me. "Do you really want me to touch your head and say something like, 'You're so great'?" "No." I blushed, "I just want you to admit that I'm more handsome than you." He stepped on it mercilessly, and then he was lifted up and pulled to his face. "Do you know the blue wither?" "I know the psychologist at the sanatorium." "Do you know why he saw your soul?" I shook my head.. It's probably a special power or something. "That's because he.." Yes Ground.. Fu. Pie.. Come here It's.. Governor.. Cha!!!! |||| Oh! I was suddenly enlightened! So I saved an inspector! "Boom." Second kick. " He had his eye on the devil. You can catch her without even knowing the evil spirits! It's because of an idiot like you who runs out halfway to frighten the snake and throw himself into the trap that makes the pursuit complicated!!! “………… TT………… He also said that he was an inspector ~ 5555 ~ "I am extremely aggrieved.". Cool Leng for a moment, let go, "forget it.". Had it not been for your interference, I would not have been sure that I could have saved the little girl safely from the evil spirits. "Dongdong is all right?!!" I suddenly got excited. Don't worry He began to clear the table. "We have arranged for the staff of the nursing home to take care of her.". As for the body you used, it was quietly returned-that is, the five holes on the head are more difficult to solve.. =_=||||| "Ding is going to excuse himself to treat you again. You prepare for it. We'll go there together later." I shook my head. I'm not going. "Why?" Liang looked at me curiously. Because Because his appearance changed back to the ball. Because this way.. It's really stupid. I was still immersed in a rare atmosphere of inferiority, and a hand suddenly reached out and picked me up. Like the last time without warning, the cool lips stuck to my mouth accurately. Cool.. I murmured and closed my eyes. It feels so strange. On the one hand,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, they are constantly growing, on the other hand, they are exploring cool and moist. I don't know when he has embraced my shaped waist and held me tightly in his arms. The original shallow peck also began to go deep. Until I realized.. Even his own breath began to follow his rise and fall. fycgsonic.com