The old man drank his coffee slowly. This is his diet for the whole day today, and he knows he should drink it. For a long time, eating bored him, so he never brought food. He kept a bottle of water on the bow of the boat, and that was all he needed for the whole day. The boy returned with sardines and two baits wrapped in a newspaper. They walked down the path to the boat and felt pebbles in the sand under their feet. They lifted the boat and let it slip into the water. Good luck, old man. "Good luck," the old man said. He put the rope of the oar on the nail of the oar seat, rushed forward, counteracted the resistance of the paddle in the water, and began to row out of the harbor in the darkness. There were other boats out on the other beaches, and the old man heard their oars falling and rowing, though he could not see them now that the moon was behind the mountains. Once in a while, someone in the boat is talking. But apart from the sound of the oars, most of the boats were silent. As soon as they came out of the harbor, they scattered, each heading for the part of the sea where they hoped to find fish. The old man knew he was going far, so he left the smell of the land behind and rowed into the fresh smell of the morning ocean. He saw the phosphorescence of the fruit-bearing Sargassum in one part of the sea, which the fishermen called "the great well" because it was suddenly seven hundred fathoms deep,Small Geared Motors, and where the current made eddies on the cliffs of the abyss, where all kinds of fish gathered. There were concentrations of shrimps and small fish for bait, and sometimes schools of squid in unfathomable underwater caves, which rose close to the surface at night and were used as food by all the fish that swam there. The old man felt the morning coming in the dark, and as he rowed, he heard the trembling of the flying fish as they came out of the water, and the hissing of their straight wings as they flew in the dark. He was very fond of flying fish and regarded them as his chief friends on the sea. He felt sorry for the birds,Vending Machine Motor, especially the little soft black terns, which were always flying and looking for food, but almost never found it, and he thought that the birds had a harder life than ours, except for the raptors and the big powerful birds. If the sea is so cruel, why are birds like these petrels born so weak and delicate? The ocean is kind and very beautiful. But she could be so cruel, and so sudden, and these flying birds, falling from the sky to feed, with a little whine, were born too weak to live on the sea. Every time he thought of the ocean, he always called her Lamar, Brushless Gear Motor ,gear reduction motor, which was what people called her in Spanish when they were fond of the ocean. Sometimes, people who have a good impression of the ocean also speak ill of her, but they always treat her as a woman. Some of the younger fishermen, who use buoys as floats on their lines and who have built motorboats after selling shark livers for a lot of money, call the ocean elmar, which is a male term. They mentioned her as a competitor or a place to go, or even as an enemy. But the old man always took the sea as a woman, and she gave or refused to give great favors to others, and if she did willful or immoral things, it was because she could not help herself. The moon has an effect on her, as it does on a woman, he thought. He rowed at a leisurely pace, not laborious for him, for he kept within his top speed, and the sea was flat except for an occasional whirl in the current. He was letting the current help him a third of the way when it was getting light and he found that he had rowed further than he expected to reach at the moment. I've been swimming around this abyss for a week, and I've done nothing, he thought. Today, I'm going to find out where those schools of bonito and albacore tuna are, and maybe there's a big fish with them. Without waiting for daylight, he released baits one by one and let the boat drift away with the current. One of the baits sank to a depth of 40 fathoms. The second was at a depth of seventy-five fathoms, and the third and fourth were at a depth of one hundred and 125 fathoms, respectively, in blue water. Each bait, made of fresh sardines, was placed head down, the hook was threaded into the body of the fish, tied and sewn, and all the protruding parts of the hook, the hook and the tip, were wrapped in the fish. Each sardine is hooked through both eyes, so that the body of the fish forms a half ring on the protruding steel hook. No matter what part of the hook a big fish touches, it is fragrant and delicious. The boy gave him two small fresh tunas, or albacore tunas, which hung like plummets on the two deepest lines, and on the other two he hung a large blue fish and a yellow goldfish, which had been used, but were still intact, with excellent sardines to give them flavor and attraction. Each line was as thick as a large pencil, and one end was wound around a green-skinned rod, so that a pull or touch by the fish on the bait would cause the rod to fall downward, and each line had two forty-fathom-long coils,Small Dc Gear Motor, which could be securely tied to other spare coils, so that a fish could pull out more than three hundred fathoms of line if he needed it. Then the old man looked at the three rods that had been picked out on one side of the boat to see if there was any movement, and rowed slowly to keep the line straight up and down and at a reasonable depth. It's quite bright and the sun will rise at any moment. The Old Man and the Sea (2).