Where should you be traveling before the AI revolution really kicks in?

There are many reasons to get another trip or two in this year. So, where should you visit?

Even though investors finally seem to be seeing through the hype around many AI stocks and startups according to Bloomberg, that doesn’t mean artificial intelligence isn’t going to continue to disrupt the world we’ve been accustomed to living in, in a huge way.

The Industrial Revolution changed where people lived in a dramatic way. It created whole new towns, herding people to cities, and changing the food and economic system. It also set in motion what would ultimately turn out to be a great investment and not.

AI is already having a massive impact on the world around us. The majority of those changes though, are not showing up in publicly reported data yet and may not be the type of data your AI assistant wants you to know.

There may be many great breakthroughs in healthcare and efficiency ahead, as well as great wins to be had in business thanks to AI. Yet, just as the Carnegies, Fords, and Rockefellers did so well in the last revolution, there will be many left behind, and many real-life changes to our landscape.

With this in mind, here are seven travel destinations you may want to visit this year…

1. South Africa

South Africa has the highest unemployment rate in the world according to Statista. At 29.8% unemployment, it may be the best glimpse of the future available as tens of millions of jobs in the US are replaced by technology.

Any other countries that may be trialing universal basic income for their residents may also be good choices, as that is likely what the world will have to have when only a small percentage of the population can find jobs. Unfortunately, most countries that have tried these tests appear to have ended them quickly.

2. New York City

NYC may be a great example of cities going through macro cycle transitions. Even in spite of the massive exodus NY has experienced over the past few years, the local government still appears dead set on driving away more people and investment. Whether due to taxes, or new limits on short-term rentals, Airbnb calls an effective ban of the platform there.

Then there is the crime. It used to perhaps be a feature of NYC, though many say it has now gone too far. And this is why we’ve had near-zero unemployment. Imagine what the crime might be like if we hit 50% or 80% real unemployment.

3. Detroit

Detroit is definitely a city that is a prime example of how macrocycles, like the Industrial Revolution, changed a city. Cities can be formed, boom, and then literally go back to being wild, with nature reclaiming former neighborhoods and business hubs. We saw this in the wake of the 2008 Great Recession.

Of course, more recently, we’ve also seen the innovation and creativity that can be used to survive and thrive in the aftermath. From small creative entrepreneurs setting up shops to large nationwide financial firms located there.

4. Dubai

While there are many more recent examples, Dubai was one of the most notable early examples of how to literally create more land. This breaks one of the main assumptions we’ve had about real estate.

Of course, since their rise to fame with man-made islands and luxury real estate, they’ve also retracted or done away with some of the tax breaks and lenient rules that made it such a popular destination originally.

Still, it’s worth seeing for what heights of luxury the wealthy are willing to spend on, and just how big it is possible to think.

5. New Jersey

New Jersey has effectively become the new New York in all of the good ways. It has attracted much of the capital and affluent residents and visitors that you may have found in Manhattan previously.

As financial disparity grows, parts of NJ will certainly be where the wealthy buy homes and live in the years ahead.

It’s also a chance to see many of the projects that NNG Capital has worked on over the years.

6. Springs Country, Florida

If you are still craving the Florida sunshine and fun on the water, but don’t love how Miami or Orlando have changed and seem to be home to more New Yorkers than New York, then check out North Central Florida.

Dubbed ‘Spring Country’, this is where you’ll find some of the best water activities, from world-renown cave diving spots to tubing on crystal clear rivers, and swimming in beautiful springs. All are surrounded by real old Florida nature.

It also happens to be America’s best place for underground water reserves. So, if you believe in climate change and can’t take it out west anymore, you might enjoy the alternative.

7. Atlanta

Although Atlanta may have many of its own big mature city problems, it is also a major logistics and business hub that isn’t likely to go away anytime soon. It’s just too integrated into the economy.

It’s a hub with many spokes, and close-by hubs, like Macon, GA. These are new hubs in their own right and offer essential affordability that is becoming even more important with rising rates and inflation, and a new apocalyptic recession on the horizon according to some analysts. 

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