I feel so bad when I'm drunk..? My head is about to explode. No wonder the boss used to drink when he was in a bad mood. It turned out that he wanted to make himself more uncomfortable, so he could forget the things that made him feel bad. Lei Yuxuan had no choice but to continue to help Feixue massage to relieve her headache. Chapter 38 Lying on the bed for a while, Feixue remembered something, suddenly got up from the bed and suddenly woke up and asked, Xuan.. What time is it now? ??” Lei Yuxuan looked at his watch and said, is it more than 8 o'clock in the morning? "Ah?." It's time to open the door for work at 8 o'clock! Hearing this, Feixue panicked and hurriedly got up from bed to go to work, but her head was in an awkward state. Besides, every part of her body was weak all over. They were all clamoring, and as soon as they got out of bed, they fell down feebly. Ah Hum.. It hurts so much.. ?” "Don't move if you know it hurts." Lei Yuxuan quickly comforted Feixue and went to bed to lie down. Flying snow is now full of things to go to work, which has the mind to rest, "Xuan, I have to go to work, I did not go to work yesterday, today must go.". All right, you'll fall down even when you get up. If you can't go to work, I'll ask for leave for you. It won't matter if you work one day less! Lei Yuxuan said that he had already put on his clothes and got out of bed. "Are you hungry?"? I didn't eat anything when I was drinking yesterday, and I haven't eaten anything until now. I asked someone to send some food in, and you can have a good rest at home. No matter what I said, he didn't listen and had to stay at home. Oh! Flying snow stuffy nodded, although Xuan said is good, but if you don't go to work,classroom interactive whiteboard, the boss is too busy, want to go to work in the original appropriate, really, how yesterday did not listen to him to drink less, not all right../. ''? Flying snow; 'full bosom worry ate breakfast, be ordered by jade Xuan Lei to continue to sleep to rest again, flying snow also had to be obedient. Until the next morning, Feixue's hangover finally improved, physical strength also recovered a lot,interactive boards for classrooms, Feixue rushed to work early in the morning. As soon as I entered the door, I saw the boss busy alone. Boss, I'm sorry, I know I'm very busy, but I asked for two days' leave, which gives you trouble. It's all right. Don't be embarrassed. Your family called me yesterday. Don't say so much. You see a lot of people now. Hurry to change clothes and come to help. So tired..? It's because he has hickeys all over his body. Her clothes couldn't cover her, so she was teased by her boss. After a busy morning, I was sore all over. If I had known that champagne could make people drunk, I would not have drunk it. The taste of hangover was not good. It was all his fault. Just as he said Lei Yuxuan, Yuxuan on this side hit Ache. Lei Yuxuan thought maybe he missed me. Give it to the baby. Let's make a phone call. He left without breakfast in the morning. I don't know if his body can stand it. Just finished thinking about him, the phone rang, 'a look is Xuan's phone, hello, baby is me, you are not busy, tired. Have you eaten yet? I know you care about me, interactive whiteboards in the classroom ,smart board interactive whiteboard, but you ask so many questions, you let me answer first, you can put one ah. Baby, I miss you. I Snow blushed at his words. . Feixue didn't know how she answered. He just said. (I miss you too) are you all right? If you are all right, I will hang up first. Baby, don't hang up. It's past one o'clock now. Did you eat? You ran away without eating in the morning. If I don't eat, I'll go to buy a meal. I haven't eaten yet. Let's eat together, OK. He didn't go to work yesterday. He must be very busy. But he still misses me. Feixue thought about it and said, "You come. I want to eat sour oranges. Bring me some when you come.". Don't forget. Hung up the phone, Lei Yuxuan murmured in his heart, baby is not bad to eat sour before, the last time I bought sour plum soup how to let her and, she did not drink, now actually want to eat sour orange, baby this period of time behavior is very strange ah. The temper is also very strange, and the weather is uncertain. Don't think about it. Hurry to buy something to eat, if the hungry baby, but he will be distressed. Chapter 39 Baby, here I come. President Lei is here. You can wait here for a while. Feixue will be back after going to the warehouse. Nothing. I'll wait here. Lan Yu bought me a meal. Did you eat? If you didn't eat, just eat together. No, when I came in the morning, my wife brought me a lunch box, thank you for the kindness of President Lei, I will not eat, you go to eat with Feixue? Aren't you happy? If Feixue cooks for me that day, even the delicacies outside are not as delicious as the food cooked by the baby? Let's not talk about this. How are your two babies? Said to go to his baby, Lan Yu that is a face of pride ah. You don't know that my baby is very funny. Every day is different. It's like magic, one day at a time. Listen to Lei Yuxuan that smile, ah, he endured almost internal injury, that someone described his child like this, ah, (ha ha..) like magic, he can think of it, if let his family know, do not know how to say him, (his family is really.. Poor Lan Yu. ?; 'My baby is still cute;',) Just when Lan Yu was cranky, Feixue came back and carried such a heavy thing in her hand. How do you carry such a heavy thing ah, not to mention your body is not good, why don't you ask Lan Yu to move, if you are like this, I will not let you go to work, anyway, your husband I can afford you. As soon as Lan Yu, who was sending an idiot, heard that Feixue should not come to work, he immediately said, "President Lei, you can't do this."? Feixue is a good employee, and I don't want to lose such a good employee. Ok, who said I want to resign,interactive panels for education, you do not listen to Xuan nonsense, I will not resign. Feixue was wronged and said, "Unless you think I'm not doing well and want to change people.". hsdsmartboard.com