"So serious?" Li Junshan was a little surprised, and Li Cheng was also looking at Li Yang. Li Yang nodded again, the crime of framing is good, even if the establishment is only to give him a lesson, it will not take long for him to come out, but those other crimes are unforgivable, not a little light. This makes Li Yang is also very sigh, do more injustice will kill themselves, ah, the words of the ancestors are really right. The reason why this case can be carried out so quickly is also the credit of those big shots. These people are all focused on a case, not to mention the district Bureau, even the city Bureau dare not have any neglect, Huang Xiangwen's relatives are still thinking about activities, not yet open activities are all double-regulated. Husband, husband, I love you. Li Yang is sighing, Wang Jiajia's cell phone suddenly rang, Li Yang's mouth immediately had a strange smile, Wang Jiajia blushed and answered the phone. He Ailing, Li Junshan their faces also showed a smile, Huang Xiangwen's matter was immediately thrown aside by them. This mobile phone ringtone, or Li Yang just helped Wang Jiajia change last night,artificial grass panels, Li Yang also joked that every time someone calls her, she can think of herself first. Before Li Yang's parents left, Wang Jiajia has been living in Li Yang's place. Wang Quanming did not support it, but he did not oppose it either. Anyway, two people have been engaged, it will not take long to get married, plus the daughter is willing, open one eye,artificial banyan trees, close one eye. A few minutes later, Wang Jiajia hung up the phone and her face was still slightly red. It's Wang Yan. She was bored and wanted to play with me today. I said we were going to Panjia yuan. She also wanted to follow me. I promised! Wang Jiajia and Wang Yan left phone calls to each other when they had dinner last time. These days, Wang Yan accompanied her father, and Wang Jiajia and Li Yang accompanied their families. Although they did not meet, they had a lot of contact. Wang Jia and Wang Yan seemed to have a good temper. Li Yang shrugged his shoulders and said with a light smile, "Come on, but I'm afraid we can't treat her well today." After playing for a few days, my parents suddenly wanted to see Li Yang's business today. Li Yang's business is not small. Jade mines are all in units of 100 million, but there is only one antique shop in Beijing. I can only take my parents to see it first. Panjia yuan now Li Yang is very familiar, here he has too many good memories, just get off, see the Panjia yuan of the big wall, Li Yang is a sigh. This period of time busy, Li Yang has not come to visit the Panjia yuan for a long time, this time just took his parents to stroll around, fake blossom tree ,silk ficus tree, but also to buy them something back to decorate the facade. In any case, their son is also a celebrity in the antique circle, and the old couple have participated in the program. Buying a few items of low value can also make the old couple look good in front of their relatives and friends. Home is not like Beijing, face is a very important thing, whose children are promising outside, the neighbors will know, will envy. Li Yang does not care about these now, but it does not mean that his parents do not care. Taking a few things back is also an indirect proof. Whether the old couple are willing or not, it is always a kind of pride. Jiajia, Jiajia! Before Li Yang had swept the familiar place, a beautiful girl in a red leather coat waved to Li Yang not far away, and beside her was a white BMW. Beautiful woman, Li Yang found out today that Wang Yan was also a sexy little woman. Swallow, how did you get here faster than us? Wang Jiajia waved and was very happy to see her new friend. Wang Yan twisted her sexy waist and walked towards Li Yang. Wang Yan was wearing light makeup today, and she really looked like a star. Walking to Wang Jiajia's side, Wang Yan conveniently took Wang Jiajia's arm: "I was here just now. You said you wanted to come, so I came out and waited for you!" Speaking of this, Wang Yan peeked at Li Yang, suppressed her voice and whispered: "Jia Jia, I just turned around inside. Your husband has a great reputation here. The painting he bought in the water is true or false. Is there really a painting that can only be displayed in the water?" Wang Yan these days nothing to pester Wang Gang to listen to Li Yang, Wang Gang know all said, do not know Wang Gang also have no way. Wang Yan remembered the painting in the water that she had talked about before, so she went to the Panjia yuan to ask about it, but she didn't think it was true. Panjia yuan the rumor was much more wonderful than what her father said. What eyes of fire, celestial immortals and mortal spirits, almost blew Li Yang into a God. You can ask him about that! Wang Jiajia chuckled. Of course, the painting in the water was true. She had seen it with her own eyes several times. You only know to turn to him, I want to ask him, but also ask you why! Wang Yan curled her lips, obviously not satisfied with Wang Jiajia's answer, but let her personally ask Li Yang, she is really a little embarrassed, Li Yang in her eyes is now becoming more and more mysterious. Dad, my shop is inside. Let's watch and walk! Li Yang did not know what the two sisters said, pulling Li Junshan together to go inside, Wang Yan can only follow first. Li Yang's family and Wang Yan have met and are very familiar with each other. He Ailing asked Wang Yan some questions from time to time on the way, mainly about Wang Gang. After this program, Wang Gang's idol image in He Ailing's heart has been reduced a lot, more like an old friend. Several people, talking and laughing, quickly passed through the stall area. Li Yang didn't stop in the stall area. It's not easy to find good things here. Most of the stalls are handicrafts. Naturally, Li Junshan can't take them back. If he meets an expert, it's not a long face, but a disgrace. Li Yang took the old road he was familiar with before, and on his way to his shop, he would pass through Jade Street. Walking to the door of Boss Niu's shop, Li Yang was trying to introduce it to his father. Boss Niu and two people lowered their heads and hurried out of it. Li Yang happened to be at the door. Boss Niu almost didn't bump into Li Yang. Mr. Lee! As soon as he looked up, Boss Niu saw Li Yang,large palm trees for sale, and the body that was about to continue walking out immediately stiffened there, looking at Li Yang in surprise. Boss Niu, what's the matter with you? Why are you in such a hurry? ? hacartificialtree.com