Be it that one teacher in kindergarten who patted your shoulder when you successfully wrote the alphabet “A” in your notebook or that professor in your university who acknowledged the efforts you had put in your thesis, teachers take up a significant portion of our memories. They are responsible for a student’s mental wellbeing almost as much as their parents because a student spends the same amount of time at school as he spends with his parents. Like a writer offering e-book ghostwriting services, who does not get credit for his work, teachers are those people who cultivate the skills of their students without getting enough credit for it. 

How Do Teachers Influence a Student’s Learning Process?

As students are constantly accompanied by teachers, teachers can leave quite an impact on their thought and learning process. Here is how teachers play a role in their pupils’ lives;

Imparting Knowledge:

The primary responsibility of a teacher is to convey knowledge to their students. Knowledge is something that shapes a person’s thinking, perspectives, or the way they view things. The mentality of a kid is determined by what he is being taught in school or at home. In this scenario, teachers actually have a great role to play because what they teach the kid now, will shape his thinking for the rest of his life. Teachers have the responsibility to nurture young minds which is not an easy job.

Building a healthy environment:

The environment of a classroom is set by the teacher. If a teacher is easy-going, soft, and caring, the environment created would be much healthier than the one created by a very strict teacher. If you go back in your memory, you would realize there would be a teacher who was the sweetest to you in school. It is because kindness is cherished for a lifetime, especially by someone who helped you when you were young and naïve. In such an environment, learning becomes easy and intentional, over being forced. Students are excited to learn as they are comfortable in the atmosphere that has been created. Now go back in memory and think of that one teacher you feared the most. Do you feel pleasant? Of course not. So it is on the teachers to make their students love learning.

Teachers are Looked Up To:

For a student, their teacher is their role model. Even though teachers do not think of themselves as such, they inadvertently become role models. It is for this very reason, teachers should be very careful when they are around students. Even a 20-year-old looks up to his professor as much as a 5-year-old in kindergarten. Now, this is something that can have a positive impact or a negative impact. It depends on the teacher and how they carry themselves in front of students. Sometimes, teachers are even deemed as role models for societies so they have to be righteous in their conduct.

Teachers Can Make You Or Break You!

A teacher has the power to change lives. Students, when, encouraged by teachers come out as more confident. The role of a teacher as a motivator is very vital because not all students are born aware of their potential, teachers are responsible to make them realize what their capabilities are. Once a student knows their potential, they start thriving to achieve far more than they have set themselves up for. They act as catalysts for a student’s progress. They can evaluate a student’s performance, identify their weak spots and work together to improve their performance.

Teachers as Counselors:

Not all students have a healthy environment at home. Not everyone has the privilege of having a normally functioning family. Teachers can be a massive help for those students who do not have a supportive atmosphere at home. Teachers can act as counselors, and help maintain a student’s sanity so that they can work to their full potentials at school or anywhere in life.

A Good Teacher Gives The Best Advice:

Students are always faced with situations where they have to make many decisions. Teachers can act as advisors in situations like this. It is not only the student, the teacher can advise but also the parents. At times, parents don’t realize what they are doing wrong. Even with the right intentions, they inadvertently hurt their children. Here is when teachers come in handy. They can help the parents understand their kids better. With mutual cooperation, they can help kids in the best possible way.

Final Thoughts:

“To teach is to touch a life forever”. It cannot be truer. Teachers are worthy assets of our societies as they determine how the coming generation would turn out to be. That is why the influence of an amazing teacher can never be erased.