Although this is rampant, but said the truth, Qingyuan gently smiled, "I know that Dian Shuai is a good man, but also very grateful to Dian Shuai to listen to my petition.". But since Dian Shuai said he respected me, then. Will I be allowed to choose my own marriage? She looked at him hopefully, some words unsaid, but he also saw that she wanted to bet on the marriage. If Mrs. Hu could not resist another attack, she would have a chance to put her down and live. If Mrs. Hu did not move, and Li Congxin could get the chance to marry her, then she would accept the arrangement. At the worst, she would end up as a young grandmother of the Hou family, which seemed not too bad. So it seems that he is not included in the plan, and his persistence has become a stumbling block for her. This girl, if it is simple, is really not simple. She is ambitious and knows how to stop losses in time. She silently do what she wants to do, can become everyone happy, can not become the whole body and retreat, she does not have so much unforgettable, she is always light, but light, but also ruthless. Unfortunately, no matter how good her abacus was, she could not get his magnanimous promise. "The four girls said that one day they would give Shen a reply. Are they going to thank Shen for his love after the marriage is settled?"? I seem to have forgotten to tell you that I never know what adult beauty is. If others are beautiful and I am not beautiful, I don't like it. In fact, why do you bother to go around in such a big circle? If you want revenge, I will repay for you. If you want to be the wife of the main room, I happen to have a vacancy here. I will be the wife of the main room for you. Shen Run is from the title of the second grade, you must be sealed letters patent in the future, not as small Fu low to die mother-in-law and then become Mrs. Hou, a hundred times better? Chapter 53 The room was dazed, like a dreamy dream. There was a flash of lightning outside the window, and blue lightning came through the half-open window. The light shone on his face, and his face was pale. It looked terrible. Qingyuan could not digest his words and frowned slightly, as if he were trying to think about something. The hot sweat in the cabinet just now has turned into cold and greasy clothes, sticking to the body at arm's length. The rain was so heavy, and the wind blew the hair on her cheek. She turned her head and rubbed it against her shoulder, and the rain crackled on the propped window drawer, quickly wetting the veil. She stood up and said with a smile, "Why did you forget to close the window? Look, the room is all wet." She moved to the window, raised her hand to remove the wooden stick supporting the window, raised her hand a little higher, and the wide sleeve fluttered down, drum spill pallet ,plastic bulk containers, revealing half of her white and tender arm, which she covered in a hurry. You have to find something to do when you are embarrassed, but when you close the window, you are at a loss. His eyes drifted away, not daring to look at him. He pulled out the corner of his clothes and pursed his hair. Finally, he sat down discouraged under his calm eyes. "Is Dian Shuai proposing marriage to me?" Shen Run looked at her flying red face, the original girl embarrassed when this is the case. He propped up his chin, smiled, and said yes. Qingyuan looked at him longingly and watched him laugh so hard that she got goose bumps. She was on pins and needles opposite him. After thinking about it, she said, "Why am I hiding from Dian Shuai? I'm afraid you'll say such a thing." Shen Run hum, "my honest words are not pleasant to hear?"? Or do the four girls like to listen to sweet words? Qingyuan shook his head helplessly, "I don't mean anything else, but I don't understand." Xie's family status is not low, but I'm just a concubine after all, and I'm carrying the charges left by my mother. Why don't you think about it any more? If you get married like this, you'll become the laughing stock of the whole capital city. "A laughing stock?" He lowered his eyes to chew the word, with a look of disdain on his face. "When our Shen family was in trouble, many people laughed at us behind our backs. I am not afraid to be the laughing stock of others, because how happy they laugh today, how miserable I will make them cry tomorrow.". I once told the girl that I didn't care about her family status. The girl was a wise man. How could she not know my intention to get involved several times? Said slowly down, that pair of eyes looked at her, through the soul to look at her, "in fact, the girl knows everything in her heart, but you dare not to think, I can not understand where this powerful minister took the wrong medicine, will take a fancy to a humble concubine.". One more thing, you are to protect yourself, you have the foresight to see that today's fire can not cook oil for a long time, perhaps in a few years, this glory will burn out, cool down and turn to ashes, am I right? Qingyuan was stunned and suddenly found that he had not seen through the man at all after several contacts with him. He has a delicate mind, which is experienced in the years of suffering, he is proud, but also introspective at any time. Such a person is terrible, perhaps you are not aware of a little change in your mind, but he has seen clearly. He knows more about what you're thinking than you do, and every day you face him, you feel like a criminal. Qingyuan remembered that he had just opened the cabinet door and suddenly saw him squatting in front of him, and a chill was winding up from his spine. It was enough to be frightened once. She smiled and struggled to deal with it, "Dian Shuai worries too much, I didn't." "No?" He still looked at her lightly. "If not, I don't care if I'm married to the Xie family. I'll go to your old lady and make it clear that I'll marry you next month. How about that?" Qingyuan was so frightened that she dared not judge whether his words were true or not, but she knew that she could not be vague because she was afraid of offending him. He was really the kind of person who would do what he said. She murmured, "I promised the third son the day before yesterday that I would give him a chance to go back and tell his parents. If Dian Shuai told the old lady now, wouldn't he trap me in unkindness and injustice?"! I don't know why Dian Shuai only has a green eye for me. I only know that he has less virtue and more favor,plastic pallet suppliers, less talent and higher position, which accounts for two of the three dangers in the world. I don't have such an identity and virtue. Even if I follow Dian Shuai, I'm afraid it won't last long. ?