Han Li's heart tightened, and the first time he saw the "eye of thunder and lightning" came to his mind. In my memory, the eye was only hundreds of feet in size, the whole body was orange, there was a long and thin line in the pupil position, and there was a cold light shining in the eyes. At that time, I just took a look, and then I was hit by a terrible breath in the air, and my soul was damaged a lot. With the power of his mind at that time, he could not see the whole picture behind the eyes at all, and had guessed that its real appearance should be a huge beast entrenched here. Now, he appeared again before the eyes of terror, the strength is not as weak as it was, but at the moment of seeing the eyes, the mind can not help but a surge. It turned out that he had guessed that after the giant eye, there should be a body that did not exist, and that there was only this solitary eyeball in the black hole. As he gazed at the eyeball, the orange eyeball slowly turned and "looked" at Han Li. "Boom" a thunderous noise, in the middle of Han Li's knowledge of the sea suddenly exploded. In the middle of his knowledge of the sea and the sky, he was suddenly torn open by a huge cut, which made him have a splitting headache and almost unable to control himself. The impact was more than ten thousand times stronger than that of that year. However, in the next moment, Han Li knew that a faint light in the sea spread and bridged the rift in an instant. Even the huge waves in the sea were touched and immediately calmed down. Today,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, he has completed all the seven volumes of alchemy, and the power of divine consciousness has long been different. As soon as Han Li's eyes congealed, the great five elements of magic in his body began to move, and a full moon rose into the sky, flashing with burning golden awn, from which he revealed the true nature of the wheel of truth. I saw a huge golden vertical eye suspended in the hollow in the middle of the Baolun, and the eyelids were closed tightly. Today, Han Mou wants to see who you are. Han Li stared at the orange eyes and said. Then, as soon as his mind moved,Nail machine manufacturer, he immediately urged the real eye to move. With the light of the dense Taoist lines on the wheel of truth, the eyes of truth trembled slightly, and the golden eyelids separated left and right, revealing a golden eyeball. When the eyelid suddenly opened, the circle of strange runes in the real eye immediately rotated rapidly, and a pale golden light was projected from the pupil. Han Li's mind moved, no longer with the original eyes to see things, but through the golden vertical eyes, looking at the orange giant eyes. See giant eyes above, appear strands of golden filaments, each other hook each other, gradually its original huge body, a little bit of reappearance in front of Han Li. Han Li looked down, eyebrows can not help a pick, the heart is quite shocked. I saw the re-condensed figure, the body was like an ox, wire nail machine manufacturers ,Coil Nail Making Machine, but the head had dragon horns, the body was huge, there were simple runes on the round abdomen, there was only one strong leg under the body, it was a bit like a black hammer at a glance, and there was a long tail like a whip hanging behind it. Isn't this Lei Kui? Han Li could not help muttering to himself. Han Li was no stranger to Lei Kui. In the past, he had carved a rune for his Taoist soldiers with the true pattern of the beast. He never thought that the giant eye in the thunderstorm ocean was actually a relic of Lei Kui. But then a closer look, Han Li found wrong, in front of the head of Lei Kui body, and he saw all different, it is a kind of line with the true meaning of thunder and lightning, not ordinary Lei Kui can have. As soon as Han Li's mind moved, the power of the law of time in his body surged out and merged into the eyes of reality. The eyeball, which seemed to be poured with gold juice, immediately whirred and turned, and the golden light gushing out of it became more and more intense. Suddenly, the time flow of the whole thunderstorm ocean was cut off, the whole void seemed to stagnate, but only the figure of Lei Kui, but inexplicably moved up. Between the flow of light and shadow, nine days above the emergence of a huge column of thunder and lightning, the top seems to be the opening of the gate of heaven, from which countless kinds of thunder and lightning flow out, all split on the body of Lei Kui. Its seemingly indestructible body has been annihilated inch by inch, turning into a brilliant streamer, flying into the Tianmen Gate in the sky. However, that Lei Kui seems to be unwilling to send out bursts of silent roar, the whole body condensed out of the violent wire, directly cut the body into two halves, half of which was swallowed by Tianmen, the other half rushed to his left eye. Until the whole body all turned into ashes, dissipated between heaven and earth, leaving only this orange giant eye, hanging alone between the sea and the sky. Chapter 1324 Lei Hai Lian Jian. Han Li felt that when the image of Lei Kui dissipated, the change of vision between heaven and earth, and the endless power from the gate of heaven, his heart was shocked beyond measure. I don't know how long it took him to recover from the shock and mutter to himself: "These eyes." It turned out to be a relic of Daozu! When the eye of truth was removed and the wheel of truth was taken back into his body, Han Li's mood was still difficult to calm down. So far, the world has never heard of the existence of thunder and lightning Taoist ancestor, and this thunder Kui monster, I am afraid, is the last thunder Taoist ancestor, but its natural thunder body, can wantonly cross the nine days of God thunder, but with its own fit with the thunder method between heaven and earth, the ultimate destination is swallowed up by heaven, and becomes a part of heaven and earth. This eye of thunder and lightning is the last vestige left by force in the true immortal world before it was swallowed up by the way of heaven. Han Li once again fully operated the alchemy, and after careful exploration, he found that the power contained in the eyes of thunder and lightning was even more terrible than he had predicted, but it had become pure thunder and lightning energy, and there was no more of Lei Kui's mind and will. But after a little thought, Han Li was relieved. If there is still a remnant of the mind in the eyes of this remnant giant,iron nail machine, I'm afraid it has already been practiced again and made a comeback. How can it stay in this sea area day after day? Besides, under the devouring of heaven, how can there be a remnant of the mind? He stared at the huge orange eye for a moment and then snapped his fingers. 3shardware.com