Contact the ghost woman and ask her to report the location. If she can't explain in detail what's going on with the twenty legions chasing after the king, she will be exposed as a spy. "Yes, Your Royal Highness." Hearing the cold and violent voice, an adjutant who was responsible for liaison behind him left. The capital of the country of stars is the Qingqiong River system. Sitting in the main hall of the military plane, the Lord of the Kingdom, together with the Sifang Xingshou and the elders, discussed how to deal with the cross-border attack of the Heilie Clan. After the domain tyrant practiced the Blood Spirit Heart Sutra, his divine consciousness increased greatly. Over the years, she had been playing tricks in the imperial palace. How could she deceive him. One day, he used the method of Blood God Enchantment to hold it at the head of the bed. After the imprisonment, a little blood and divine consciousness invaded the sea of knowledge, found out the truth, and left a trace of divine consciousness. The person concerned, Cai Ji'er, had no idea that she had become a double spy, and everything was under the control of the domain tyrant. As soon as the black and red contact signal was sent, the domain tyrant knew everything. But knowing is knowing. The military situation is extremely urgent. Heilie clan army came earlier than expected, did not cultivate the true spirit legion, domain tyrants and a group of elders have the feeling of unprepared. Now the only place to rely on is the twenty thousand Vajra Battle Star Fortress purchased from the United States of America,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, the ten thousand True Spirit in the latter part of the later period, and the hundred Qingqiong people who are close to the end of the True Spirit. Fortunately, the country of stars has two star fields, which have a lot of depth, and can be launched when necessary. Export-type King Kong Battle Star Fortress. The domain tyrant chose the one with 20 billion people. This is mainly due to the fact that there is no true spirit legion in the Star Kingdom, which can only rely on a huge number of immortals to fight against the enemy. Yueba is absolutely old oil essence. The order was soon issued, and all the practitioners in the Kingdom of Stars, regardless of their level,stainless steel tube fitting, were stuffed into the Vajra Battle Star Fortress to provide combat energy for the fortress. And the domain tyrant himself, the elders, and tens of millions of Qingqiong clansmen entered his specially designed super defensive star law base. To be specific, this star law base is only used by the people of the Qingqiong clan, and there are not many launch holes, only ten thousand. In fact, it is a concentrated force to click on the true spirit enemy. Domain bully believes that under the guidance of this flag base, plus the divine consciousness that he has been able to explore for more than 150 light-years, he will be able to drag the hateful black bastard in the void. When it's really too late, he still has the trick of abandoning his country and fleeing into the United States of America. The plan was drawn up and quickly laid out. The country of stars is not so pessimistic. The four-way star guards guard the four directions. At this time, they are authorized by the domain tyrants to try their best to attract the adventure true spiritual practice to enter the two star domains of the country of stars. Although the number of true spiritual practice in the star division of the three-system United States of America is not large, the adventurer's guild is accessible to the four directions. Through them, the low-order true spiritual practice in the Thunderbolt star division swarms. As long as it is not a war against the United States of America, brass tube fitting ,needle valve manufacturer, the Adventurer's Guild still dares to make this money, especially the true spiritual practice does not need to fight, but only injects true spiritual power into the energy gathering system of the Star Fortress, which is only a small adventure. To put it bluntly, as long as the central army can drag up a few star skies, and the thousand star fortresses to be allocated to the four star guards can attract enough true spiritual practice to lift off, it is not necessarily a loser. In a word, if the black army wants to kill the true spirit of the Qingqiong clan, it is very difficult to understand the situation of this boundary. There is no doubt that black and red are too cautious. The twenty legions of Guangyuan and Dianyuan of the Three-System Huazhong Kingdom did not pursue his Black Army, but were ordered to consolidate the three-system Star Defense adjacent to the Star Kingdom. It was no wonder that when he first met this unknown world, he met twenty Chinese legions whose ranks were no worse than those of the Black Blood Legion. How could he not be nervous. Caution is often the enemy of time. After entering the Canjun Star Domain and contacting Caiji, if he doesn't care about Caiji's future signals and wields the military God to kill the capital river system of the Star Kingdom, no matter how fast the domain tyrant is, there is only a plan that can't turn into power or enough power. After a period of twists and turns, Hei Lihong led ten black blood legions, specifically, by Cai Ji'er. No, I was hacked by the domain tyrant. Caiji's first message to Hei Lihong was to the ground, but then it was the domain tyrant who controlled Caiji to play tricks, so that when they finally found the river system, the capital of the Star Kingdom, by their own means, they were greeted by nearly twenty thousand Vajra Battle Star Fortress, which had already recruited enough immortals and deployed in formation. I don't know where the domain tyrant came from. He was a bachelor. He led the only ten thousand people to cultivate their skills. Before the Qingqiong people in the latter part of Zhenling or above stood quietly in the Star Battle Fortress, he met the black fierce people who were not enemies of the world. Ha-ha. Sure enough, the Red Prince is coming. How lucky is the domain tyrant! In the void, looking at the approaching ten legions of the black army, the domain tyrant laughed wildly. Death is at hand. The Black Blood Expeditionary Corps strikes. Black and red sneer. Without saying much, he ordered a legion to make a tentative attack. What dog prince, old friend meet, I temporarily put down the enmity, hope to catch up, you. "Ruthless!" Domain tyrants and more than ten thousand clansmen flew back to the King Kong Battle Star Fortress, drilled into one of them, and at the same time issued an attack order. The export-oriented Vajra Star Fortress is not equipped with an optical neural master control system, and its agility is insufficient. The loss of energy is very large, but each fortress has 20 billion immortals as combat energy, and there is no worry that it can not gather energy for a long time. So, when a legion of one billion soldiers of the Black Blood Expedition rushed up, nearly twenty thousand fortresses did not Whirling to meet it. Make an indiscriminate attack. The battle was soon in a state of anxiety. The formation of nearly 20,000 Vajra Battle Star Fortress is obviously the best calculation, which is a formation that can not fight with each other but can echo each other. At the beginning of the battle, they only concentrated on rotating and not simply holding back the powerful bullets of the immortals, and attacked the true spirit warriors of the Black Lies who rushed into the formation,pipe fittings manufacturer, and fought an absolute positional battle. Strange, very strange! Look at the black blood that can't get good blood. Black and red frowned, and a bad feeling rose in my heart. The soldiers in the later period of Zhenling unexpectedly withstood the light wall firepower network formed by the immortal ability.