"Well, I don't have enough medicine, so I can't keep fighting with him like this." Chen Bin doesn't have much idea about this. Will you die if you take more medicine. If I had known that Chen Bin had the ability to take this kind of medicine, Blue and White would have let him take more medicine. If he could play like this, there would be no need to take the risk of jumping seven times in a row. Professional habits can't be changed. Chen Bin is also very helpless, professional players do not like to carry too many things in the backpack, high load will affect the speed of movement and attack. The twenty bottles of instant red medicine in the zero point backpack were used up, and the hermit fell to the ground with a scream. The expected explosion did not happen, after all, is the task boss, falling out is only a black piece of task items. This is what Li Qiming said about the waist card to enter the inner door! Chen Bin operates the zero point and picks up the waist card. The name on the waist card is Qu Zhi Chan. As the waist card falls into the backpack of Zero Point, the name of Bu Danteng above the head of Zero Point becomes Qu Zhichan. At the same time, the taskbar is refreshed. Mission: Deep into the enemy's rear-a series of love, friendship dilemma. Progress: Ring 7 (not completed) The plot opens: the smoke wave of the inner door. Disguised as a cicada, he entered the inner gate of the Five Poisons Sect, found the saint Qingfu, and lent the medicine king flute from her hand. Medicine King Flute is the task of the seventh ring task items, look at the task prompt of this word, should not need to play boss, as to what method, find the saint to know. The reclusive bewitching master fell to the ground,Stainless steel foundry, and the insects and bees scattered all over the ground. Now there is only one problem-these little monsters, who were attracted by the broken veins, gathered under the trees and did not disperse. The tragedy of being chased out of the quarry by crabs will happen again. Oh, this is simple, "Chen Bin saw the blue and white and Xia Xiaoya face of confusion, calm tunnel," I just did not use you said the ghost walk, is to stay invisible,DIN screw plug, rushed out of the map.. " Chapter 151 the most suitable school for girls. Only then did Blue and White understand that Chen Bin had already calculated how to take every step since he met the swarm! How to save the few instant red medicine in the backpack, how to keep the boss from fighting, how to spell out the last bit of blood, and finally how to get away from the map. Blue and white have nothing to say about this! Xia Xiaoya wanted to speak, she stared at Chen Bin's screen for a long time, a face of admiration expression, and then, very sweet very sweet smile. Lan Bai was about to listen to how she praised Chen Bin and how she expressed her feelings of looking up like a surging river. As a result, the girl's red lips opened lightly, and a sentence came out inappropriately: "Are you hungry?" Blue and white fell headlong in an instant. Eat, eat, eat, this girl loves to eat so much, how can she not gain weight at all! Chen Bin shook his head with a smile, indicating that he was not hungry at all. Then he left the zero point of the map of Longquan Village, deep draw stamping ,CNC machining parts, entered the map of Five Poisons, rode on the sun, and galloped all the way in the direction of Five Poisons. Poison pool, peacock forest.. All the halls and villages of the outer gate went through again, and the zero point finally arrived at the reading point of the map of the inner gate. When you pass by before zero, there is no response when you stand on this reading point. Now, there is the waist card of Qu Zhi Chan in the backpack. As soon as I stand on the reading point, I begin to read and enter the screen. The picture of the inner door of the Five Poisons Sect is a little girl of 14 or 15 years old. This little girl wears a colorful dress, a silver headdress, beautiful eyebrows, bright eyes, pink lips, and an innocent smile on her beautiful face. Although she is not very old, it can be predicted that when she grows up, she will be a disaster or something. What attracted Chen Bin's attention was not the little beauty herself painted on the screen, but the insect flute in her hand. According to Li Qiming's description, Yao Wang Di is the same length as a child's arm, and its color is golden red. The shape is like a long pastoral flute, and the insect flute painted on the screen is completely in line with Li Qiming's description of the medicine king's flute. Is she Saint Qingfu? Follow Xia Xiaoya who watches the continuous plot all the way. Pointing to the little beauty. Well, it should be the mission NPC this time. Chen Bin nodded and answered. At the end of the reading, the screen flashed, and the zero point fell on the inner door of the Five Poisons Sect. As soon as you enter the inner door. I saw a big stone with the words "Inner access control area, trespassers die!" Eight words. Fortunately, zero point has the waist card of the reclusive bewitching master Qu Zhi Chan, and all the NPCs are green, so there is no attack on him. Follow the main road straight inside. Not long after, Chen Bin saw the big stone engraved with the three characters of Saint's Village. There are more patrols on this side of the Holy Lady Stronghold than when I first entered the inner gate. Still have a few NPC, stop in front of zero point, play input box to him, ask who he is. As a result, Chen Bin had to zero point in the input box, constantly input: Qu Zhi Chan. Qu Zhi Chan. Qu Zhi Chan. After Chen Bin entered the song for the thirteenth time, Lan Bai suddenly asked, "Who are you?" Chen Bin glanced at him with superior intelligence and answered, "Chen Bin!" Lanbai squinted and shrugged. "Well, don't bite so seriously. I'm just joking. I don't mean any harm." Zero point is all the way to the inner gate of the Five Poisons Sect. There was no fighting. Soon, the zero point dismounted and landed at. In front of a two-story house that resembled the small village building of the hermit. Like other buildings in the stockade, there is no one living on the first floor. Chen Bin turned the zero point of view and looked up. A little girl in colorful clothes was walking up and down on the second floor. If there is no accident, this little girl who looks similar to the reading screen is the task NPC! Saint Qingfu's cottage is surrounded by colorful animals, such as feathered birds perched on the eaves, peacocks running on the ground, small white bears only one tenth of the size of normal polar bears, small poodles only one fifth of the size of normal lions, and all kinds of unknown creatures that can not be seen in any shape, but are equally lovely. Xia Xiaoya in the side, see the eyes are straight, just did not come out from the eyes of the pink peach heart. Blue and white shook their hands in front of her eyes. "Hey, are you all right?" Xia Xiaoya stood on top of the small animals,metal stamping parts, shook her head in a daze, then immediately nodded again, and then shook her head again. autoparts-dx.com