Have you ever seen a friend that seemed like they had grown a set of incredible lashes overnight? Well, they haven’t. What they did was use lash extensions, the best friend of everyone that wants that movie-stars type of lashes. If you think that no mascara, false lash, and lash lift in the world can help you, don’t worry. The lash extensions will do the work. But what are lash extensions, after all?

 Lash extensions are semi-permanent synthetic, silk fibers or faux mink that are applied strand by strand on your natural lashes. Each one of them is carefully applied one at a time using a glue that has a special formula and that is semi-permanent. It won’t hurt or damage your natural lashes, and it won’t last the rest of your life, but it does last a good amount of time. It is applied directly to your natural lashes, not on your skin such as the false eyelashes are. That way, you will have more dense and lush lashes. Many people that go through this procedure even skip mascara on their daily make-up routine since it becomes unnecessary.


How Do You Want Your Extensions to Look?

You can decide how you want your lash extensions to look. So you can choose if they are more natural or if they look more dramatic. Anyways, it does look natural though. Even people that knew you before this procedure won’t probably notice that you went through it, they will just probably think that you have perfect mascara on.

Overall, the result gets more dramatic if you apply more lashes. A common treatment involves something about 80 to 140 individual extensions per eye, and the lashes length can vary depending on your appearance. All the service is very individual since the goal is to look natural on your face.

It is not as fast as doing lash lift since each lash extension is individually applied, so this procedure can take one to two hours to get finished. But it can be a nice experience since you will spend this time relaxing in a bed or comfy chair. The professional that is applying it should take their sweet time so they can make sure that everything is going alright than getting rushed up and doing it all wrong. Safety is the most important thing, and that is why you need to look for a high-quality and certified professional or beauty salon.


How Long do They Last?

Finally, they can last about six weeks, and you don’t need to worry about them. The only thing that you should do is to avoid water for the first day until the glue fully dries. Also, don’t curl the lashes, don’t use mascara, and don’t rub your eyes, or do anything that makes you touch them. Just let it be. Stay away from cleansers and oil-based products.

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