"Looking at your old man's state, are you still more inclined to the blue rain?" Ye Xiu said. Nonsense Wei Chen glared at Ye Xiu, "if reincarnation is lost, then the 20 million thrown to us is basically wasted, that's more exciting, ha." "Animals." Ye Xiu sighed with emotion. Unfortunately, the fact is still very inconsistent with Wei Chen's expectations. And the advantage that the reincarnation team plundered for the first time really depended on the 20 million investment. Yunshan chaos is a bit strange. Song Xiao, who finally survived on the field, hurriedly reported to the other Blue Rain players. Be more careful. Blue Rain has no good way to deal with this. In the course of the competition, it is impossible to immediately and clearly judge how the other side's skill tree is equipped. It can only be dealt with by experience and consciousness. If there is a mistake in judgment at this time, it will naturally be the end of Song Xiao just now. After gaining the initial advantage, the reincarnation continued to exert its strength. Continuous attacks, so that the Blue Rain team simply can not take out the gap to ease the losses just suffered. This kind of robbery is undoubtedly the specialty of reincarnation. Although Blue Rain has not fallen behind in the attack, they have no chance to make up for the gap left by reincarnation. This situation has continued, and the role of Blue Rain will undoubtedly fall first. At this time, reincarnation gradually began to play their home advantage. Using the unique cover of the picture of strong grass in the wind, the blue rain was always in a passive position. Behind the captain. In the stalemate stage, the players in the Blue Rain Channel suddenly prompted. But the audience watching the broadcast had already seen that the assassin of reincarnation Wu Qi had gone around behind Soksar in cruel silence. Blue Rain found that it was a little late to prompt again. To cope with this sudden situation, Yu Wenzhou will not be worse than anyone else in consciousness and reaction, but the final implementation is always so distressing. Extremely important in the team, but also extremely prominent defects, Yu Wenzhou is a very contradictory existence of Blue Rain. The team's greatest strengths and greatest weaknesses are all concentrated in him. This is no secret, so Yu Wenzhou's Soksar is often shot in the back and attacked on the court,Walking tape measure, and he is used to it. Faced with such a situation, he will not panic, he will calmly do what he can operate. Cruel silence came out of the grass, and the cold light of the dagger had been wiped away from Soxar. Suddenly six black and purple beams of light emerged from the void, but instead of locking in the cruel silence, Soxar himself was locked in the middle like a cage. Wu Qi is depressed If he continued to come forward, he would certainly be able to attack Soxar, but his silence would also touch the black and purple pillars of light, and he would be immediately sealed by the six-star light prison. In order to stab this knife, it is not very cost-effective to be controlled in this way. Cruel silence did not come forward, but also did not leave, he suddenly dodged to the side, Diameter tape measure ,Surveyors tape measure, "when" a sound, the sound of the collision of two sharp blades echoed. Huang Shaotian's night rain was suddenly killed, but Wu Qizao was aware of it and went straight forward to hold the sword. The two attacking characters fought together, and the six beams of light that Soksar had encountered immediately moved, not fast, but firmly blocked the possible retreat of cruel silence. Huang Shaotian took the hint. The sound of the night rain annoyed the traction of two swords. Suddenly, it was a big move, a phantom invisible sword. This kind of big move assassin profession really does not have the ability of head-on collision, Wu Qi hurriedly operates cruel silent concession, the result only then discovered that he already did not have the way out. The front is completely blocked by the Phantom Invisible Sword, but the back is the six light pillars of the six-star light prison. A pillar of hesitating light has touched the cruel silence. Six pillars of light instantly draw the ground as a prison, a hexagram flashes from the ground, cruel silence in the middle, before this skill disappears, it is absolutely impossible to get out of trouble. And the night rain annoying big move, at this time has been overwhelming to roll over, cruel silence on the body suddenly blood flying. The chance to control a character is just a big move. It's too cheap. The other characters of the Blue Rain Team have already been instructed to start gathering fire as much as possible. The character of reincarnation also rushed to the rescue. Cruel silence may not die, but the situation at this time is similar to the situation before Song Xiao was suppressed. Blue Rain can take the opportunity to snatch back the gap that was opened before. But no one thought that the reincarnation team had no meaning of rescue at all, and Wu Qi and his cruel silence were abandoned directly. The reincarnation player who rushed out was also a wave of fire, and the target of attack was Soksal. Blue rain aware of this even want to adjust, the results of reincarnation simply do not give them this opportunity. The fastest and the most advanced one is the Yunshan chaos that has made contributions before. Desperate, desperately seized Soksar, threw it into the air, and then saw the bullets flying, one after another hit Soksar, it was Zhou Zekai ready to use the gun to send Soksar all the way away. It's not impossible to crack the gun, but. To break this situation, Yu Wenzhou and Zhou Zekai need to fight for speed. This is really cruel. Even the players of Blue Rain have no hope for their captain at this time. They rushed to search for the position of a shot through the clouds to save each other. But reincarnation will not know the key at this time, desperately to cover. Soksal rolled in the air, cruel and silent, struggling in the six-star prison, and the audience suddenly discovered that this was the tactics of the reincarnation team. However, take Wu Qi and cruel silence to exchange Yu Wenzhou and Soksar, this deal is too cost-effective. After another series of violent twists and turns, the cruel silence was heroic, and Soksar was finally shot through the clouds. The final chapter is generally slow, but it's pretty cool. Volume I Chapter 656 Desperately Chapter 656 desperate. Soksal was the first to die, and it was on such a crucial stage as the Finals,Pi tape measure, which had to be said to be a rather surprising result. Yu Wenzhou is both the strength of Blue Rain and the weakness of Blue Rain, which is clear to everyone, including the Blue Rain Team itself. So the protection of Soksar is a problem that the Blue Rain Team will never ignore. tapemeasure.net