Insect Protein Market Scope & Overview

The Insect Protein Market is expected to reach a value of USD 2.84 billion by 2030, showing significant growth from USD 324.06 million in 2022, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 31.2% during the forecast period.

In recent years, the demand for Insect Protein Market has witnessed a remarkable surge, driven by various factors such as increasing awareness about the nutritional benefits of insect-based products, growing concerns over food security, and the need for sustainable protein sources. As a result, the market is poised for substantial expansion in the coming years.

The projected market size of USD 2.84 billion by 2030 indicates a tremendous growth potential, highlighting the rising acceptance and adoption of insect protein across various industries. This growth trajectory can be attributed to the increasing consumer inclination towards alternative protein sources, especially in the food and beverage sector.

Furthermore, the insect protein market is expected to witness a robust CAGR of 31.2% during the forecast period, indicating a rapid pace of growth. This can be attributed to the continuous efforts of key market players to develop innovative insect-based products and expand their distribution networks.

The market's growth is also fueled by the rising investments in research and development activities, aimed at enhancing the production and processing techniques of insect protein. Additionally, the implementation of favorable government regulations and policies supporting the use of insect protein in food and feed applications further propels market growth.

In conclusion, the insect protein market is poised for significant expansion, with a projected value of USD 2.84 billion by 2030. The increasing demand for sustainable protein sources, coupled with growing awareness about the nutritional benefits of insect-based products, drives this growth. With a robust CAGR of 31.2%, the market presents lucrative opportunities for industry players to capitalize on the rising consumer preference for alternative protein sources.

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Major Key Players Included are:

Some of listed players included in this report are, EntomoFarms, Aspire Food Group, Chapul Cricket Protein, Swarm Nutrition GmbH, AgriProtien Holdings Ltd., InnovaFeed SAS, Protix, Insect, EnviroFlight LLC, Hexafly Company.

Market Segmentation & Sub-segmentation included are:

By Insect:

l Beetles

l Caterpillars

l Bees, Wasps, and Ants

l Grasshoppers, Locusts, and Crickets

By Form:

l Whole Insect

l Powder

By Application:

l Food & Beverages

l Animal Nutrition

l Aquafeed

l Pet Food

l Poultry Feed

l Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics

Table of Contents


2.Research Methodology

3.Market Dynamics

4.Impact Analysis

4.1.COVID-19 Impact Analysis

4.2.Impact of Ukraine- Russia war

4.3.Impact of Ongoing Recession on Major Economies

5.Value Chain Analysis

6.Porter’s 5 Forces Model

7.PEST Analysis

8.Insect Protein Market Segmentation, based on Insects

9.Insect Protein Market Segmentation, based on Form

10.Insect Protein Market Segmentation, based on Application

11.Regional Analysis

12.Company Profiles

13.Competitive Landscape


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