Effective goodies: useful and reassuring

Today, all computers are equipped with a camera. We should therefore ask ourselves: "should we hide it"? The goal here is not to scare you, but to make you aware of the digital world in which we live with assets

The often-quoted proverb: "prevention is better than cure" lends itself perfectly in this context. This is why we are going to decipher together the risks associated with the uncovered camera, but also all the advantages that it will give you!


A camera cover is small goodies. It is composed of a self-adhesive surface on one side, to be easily attached to your computer, and on the other, a customizable visual on the removable camera cover.

 Once placed on the camera, you just need to press your cover for a few seconds to fix it. You can then manage your webcam, by sliding the removable flap to the side. Thanks to its thinness, your laptop will close perfectly and your PC will be a beauty!

We offer two customizable colors on the face with your logo and your company name.

Product featuresLength: 3.20 cmWidth: 1.20 cmWeight: 1 gramColors: black or whiteMaterial: ABS plasticPrinting Style: Digital PrintingThe advantages of webcam caches

We love it and use it every day at the office or home. It is above all affordable goodies, whose efficiency/price ratio and unequivocal. This object allows you to protect your camera lens and your privacy.

 But we must not neglect the visual impact of this object! Indeed, it is present every day in your life but especially in front of your face. The mark that will appear on it will be immediately memorized by its user.

Protect your privacy

Following the digital transformation, cybercrime is on the rise. Even if you shouldn't fall into paranoia either, the risks are real! Simply using these small-sized goodies will bring you peace of mind and security! 

Your face will only be revealed with your consent and when you want it (business or personal meetings). Besides, with the increase in teleworking, you are increasingly required to work from home, where your family is present. 

This is why it is essential to anticipate the risks.

Don't wait any longer, protect yourself and your loved ones by ordering your personalized camera cover.