When you think of a call center, odds are you think of spam callers contacting you during dinner to discuss a credit card or insurance deal you have no interest in. These types of businesses are called outbound call centers, and they are a real bother to most people. Inbound call centers, on the other hand, are the places you call when you need to contact a business, company, or organization, whether to ask a question, make a complaint, or order a product.


Below are three industries that can benefit from adopting inbound call center services.


1. Healthcare and Medical Centers

Often, when people call a doctor’s office, medical center, or hospital, they are left on hold for a long time. Even if they just want to ask a question, these facilities are usually so overwhelmed they simply don’t have time to get to everyone. A medical answering service can help take away some of the burden by handling less urgent calls in a timely manner. These services employ HIPAA certified receptionists who uphold confidentiality compliance regulations. A medical answering service can answer simple questions, such as if you are open, if you are accepting walk-ins, or if you take a certain type of insurance. They can also be trained to answer more involved questions, depending on the type of organization you run. Employing an answering service will allow in-house receptionists to answer more urgent calls while also keeping all patients satisfied and stress-free.


2. Tech Companies

When it comes to technology, it sometimes causes more problems than it solves. The setup, configuration, installation and required updates can sometimes be too complicated for the less tech-savvy individual. By the time these people call the company help line, they are likely already frustrated, confused, and stressed. Adding on to that is the long wait times, busy signals and dropped calls that are so common with some of these companies. So, when someone calls your company for help, you can ensure they get it. A live call answering service can answer their call quickly, potentially answer their question or solve their problem, or at least get them in touch with someone who can without spending a long time on hold. This not only reduces the burden on your in-house team, but it also builds trust and loyalty with your customer base.


3. Educational Facilities

Colleges and universities have some of the longest hold times of any educational facility, but even primary and secondary schools can have these issues, especially during busy times like drop off and pick up. Most smaller schools only have one or two receptionists on staff at any given time. If a lot of parents are trying to call in about an incident that will lead to a late pick up or drop off, or if someone is calling to pick up their child early, getting left on hold or getting a busy signal is stressful and frustrating. An inbound call center service can field calls from parents, or in the case of universities, students, and pass along messages when required. These services can also answer common questions about things like upcoming holidays, when registration closes, or when fees are due.