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Share some HCNA-Cloud H13-511-ENU exam questions and answers below.
Based on MAC address division of VLAN, access the client can move freely, without hysical location limitations. 
Answer: A

When a company builds IT systems, using virtualization platform to make the physical server abstractly being combined into multiple virtual servers to use, to improve resource utilization and reduce enterprise investment costs. 
Which kind of genre does the company's use of cloud computing belong to? 
A. big divided into small 
B. gather small to big 
C. virtualize one server to many servers 
D. integrate many to one 
Answer: A

Cloud computing mainly refers to computing, little relationship with storage areas. 
Answer: B

What is the core technology of cloud computing ? 
A. Virtualization 
B. High performance hardware 
C. Data center management and control software 
D. Integration Consulting and Delivery 
Answer: A

Which of the following technology does cloud computing include ? (Select 3 Answers) 
A. memory multiplexing 
B. link clone 
C. Energy conservation and emissions reduction 
D. automatic load balancing 
Answer: A B D

Computer networks based on geographic location and distribution can be divided into ( ) . (Select 3 Answers) 
C. Cable Network 
Answer: A B D

Port-based divided VLAN, access the client can move freely . 
Answer: B

From the point of cloud computing technology background, software engineering has long been oriented to machine and language host , no much changes in the whole process. 
Answer: B

What are the challenges of traditional IT systems ? (Select 3 Answers) 
A. centralized management and control of resources , low per capita efficiency 
B. chimney business system, the business exclusive resources 
C. lower operation and maintenance efficiency, high maintenance costs 
D. large energy consumption 
Answer: B C D

The company set up a cloud computing service platform. It provides virtual machine resource to make the users in need to purchase and use. Which cloud compute deployment model does this company belong to? 
A. Public Cloud 
B. Private Cloud 
C. government Cloud 
D. Hybrid Cloud 
Answer: A

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