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Share some HCIE-Storage H13-629 exam questions and answers below.
Scale out is the scale-out architecture, upgrade usually use the node as the unit, by extending more controllers to meet the user data growing demand, Huawei OceanStor V3 storage system supports to use SmartIO cards to achieve IP Scale out. 
A. True 
B. False 
Answer: A

HyperMetro is the unique feature of Huawei OceanStor V3 series storage. Other storage can not utilize HyperMetro for active-active. 
A. True 
B. False 
Answer: B

Users use Storage Foundation HA cluster software and two Huawei blade servers to build a high availability environment, an important business for the enterprise to provide 7 * 24 hours service. One day because of power failure outage causes one of them cannot be normal boot server failure, at the time of launch another server cluster in a wait state. 
At this critical business need for emergency Foreign companies to provide services, which command should the administrator need to execution? 
A. hacf -verify 
B. hastart -all 
C. net start vcscomms 
D. gabconfig -cx 
Answer: D

About Ext3 file system troubleshooting, which of the following statement is not correct? 
A. You can check whether the file system’s mount state os read-only by mount command. 
B. Excute fsck directly to repair for the damaged file systems which is in mounted state. 
C. Avoid randomly fsck on the file system which is normally working 
D. You can locate file system fault by collectingar/log/message host log information 
Answer: B

Maintenance personnel find storage fault indicator light, log management interface and find RAID group downgrade warning, and directly positioned to a hard disk failure. By replacing the hard disk troubleshooting. 
In this process, the maintenance personnel use which the following troubleshooting basic methods? 
A. logical reasoning 
B. Phenomenon Analysis 
C. Replacement method 
D. alarm information analysis 
Answer: D

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