Post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome is a post-treatment condition where Lyme disease patients experience the symptoms for a longer period. Generally, it takes one to two weeks for Lyme disease patients to recover from the symptoms using oral antibiotics. But in many cases, doctors found that patients experience the symptoms for more than 6 months. This condition is called Post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome. 

Why do Patients Experience PTLDS? 

Several studies have been conducted so far related to Post Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome. Unfortunately, no clinically proven causes could be tracked by health experts and medical researchers. However, several theories are wandering around healthcare across the countries. Some health professionals say that PTLDS occurs because Lyme disease triggers an "autoimmune" response in the body while others say that PTLDS occurs due to other causes unrelated to the bite of a black-legged tick. 

What are Treatments for PTLDS? 

As there are no clinically proven causes of PTLDS, there is no clinically proven treatment for this disease. However, short-term antibiotic treatment and Lyme disease diet is provided to the patient to overcome the condition. It helps effectively with some cases but remains ineffective with many cases. Chinese herbs are also widely used to combat this bacterial infection. Trillium Health Solutions is one of the biggest organizations that provides herbal treatment to overcome Lyme Disease and its post-treatment symptoms. 

Is PTLDS Injurious to Your Health? 

PTLDS can be injurious to your health. In many cases, doctors found that patients fail to function naturally in the post-treatment period while many develop physical disabilities. This usually happens with those patients who have underlying diseases or who are suffering from some other disease already. 

If you experience persistence of Lyne disease symptoms for more than 2-3 weeks, you need to meet a knowledgeable and experienced health professional immediately. Delaying can result in serious consequences. 

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