Why Do You Hire A Call Center?


Customer experience is crucial to the success of a successful organization.

It is quite difficult for any particular company to stand out in the current market because there are so many competitors offering comparable goods and services.


The exceptional customer experience that your company seeks can be delivered by a professional, experienced call center solution provider without substantially increasing your company's costs.


Additionally, outsourcing customer service to countries like Bangladesh, India, or the Philippines, which are leaders in the call center outsourcing sector, guarantees a 40–60% reduction in expenses without a compromise on service quality.


How Much Does a Call Center Cost to Hire? 


The cost of hiring a call center outsourcing provider varies depending on the nation and whether you want to run an outbound campaign or an inbound customer care service.


Campaign for an outbound call center


Because fewer consumers are making phone-based purchases of goods and services, outbound efforts have dropped over time.

Nevertheless, regular outbound calls are still required in several companies for a variety of reasons.

Most outbound marketing initiatives have two pricing components: an hourly rate per agent and a commission depending on sales or conversion.

Hourly fees range from $2 to $4 per hour per agent (low because there is a sales commission), and the commission amount changes according to the price of the unit sold.


Services for Inbound Customer Care


A business can outsource its customer care to a call center by using the majority of contact centers customer support outsourcing services nowadays.

Prices for incoming call center services are either per hour per seat or per full-time equivalent (FTE), which is the cost of one full-time employee working 8 hours per day for the entire month (30 days).

Prices per hour range from $5 to $7, while monthly costs per FTE are from $950 to $1100.

This represents the typical price range for call centers that uphold standards and quality in Bangladesh, India, and the Philippines.

It should be noted that some call centers may offer far lower prices than the typical pricing range, but the majority of them are subpar call center businesses that reduce quality and use cheap workers while also subjecting them to inadequate working circumstances in order to give a low price.

 Comparison of Call Center Outsourcing Prices in Bangladesh, India, and the Philippines


Employing customer care outsourcing companies from Bangladesh as opposed to India and the Philippines has a number of benefits, including:


1.Call center employees from Bangladesh have a more neutral accent than their peers from India and the Philippines.

2.As a result, many clients won't get the impression that they are speaking with an Indian person who is unrelated to their issue.

3.Due to the greater cost of living in India and the Philippines, Bangladesh has a lower cost of recruiting contact centers than these two nations by at least 10 to 15 percent.

5 Benefits of Outsourcing Customer Care


When a company outsources its customer care to a contact center, it reaps a number of benefits. The following are a few examples:

Reduction in Resources and Money: One of the main benefits of outsourcing is the significant drop in operational expenses.This is because you may pay a third party who specializes in offering the service at significantly lower rates rather than investing your resources in infrastructure, employment, recruitment, and training for your internal customer care department.

Better Customer Experience: An inbound call center service provider answers tens of thousands of calls daily for its clients, dealing with a variety of customers. Because of this, they are equipped with a wealth of experience and information that an internal customer service team just does not possess.


Omni-channel Support: Delivering exceptional customer service involves more than just answering phone calls.Today, clients can contact a business through a wide variety of channels because to the way that business and technology have developed.Phone conversations, live chat, emails, and social media are some of these channels.By offering omnichannel support across all platforms, contact centers enable you to deliver customer service by getting to know your clients' or customers' needs.


Higher Skilled Workforce: The greatest call center outsourcing businesses focus on offering customer care services that are above average; as a result, their staff are significantly more skilled at handling consumers than other employees.


Reduction in Training Time: One of the key benefits of saving money and resources is that you don't need to train staff members every time a new employee is brought on board.Instead, you only need to train the call center service provider once you hire them; after that, it is up to them to train their staff.


Employing Unskilled / Cheap Call Center Outsourcing Companies Could Have Drawbacks 


Although outsourcing has many clear and substantial benefits, it can also occasionally hurt firms.

This is due to the possibility that they will be duped by offers made by subpar contact center service providers, who only charge $300–$500 per FTE per month for services.


1.By hiring recruits with inadequate English communication skills at extremely low wages, these low-quality contact centers are able to offer such low rates.

2.reducing expenses on infrastructure by using shared local ISP lines intended for families rather than offices and providing slow internetz

3.having a working atmosphere that is below par and unprofessional and inappropriate for employees.

Characteristics Of A Great Provider Of Call Center Solutions 


How can one avoid choosing a subpar call center provider and identify the finest ones?

The fact that they offer services for incredibly low prices—say, $300–500 per agent or even less—is the most obvious warning indicator.


Ask yourself how they can offer such low rates while managing to bring on high-skilled recruits, create a solid infrastructure, and maintain a professional working atmosphere. This is why you should be especially suspicious of such contact centers.

The response?


CTA: This check list should assist you in selecting the best call center service provider for your requirements!