Friends often ask, what do you do all day? You probably watch movies every day, swim in the sea. Just think of writing a few articles a week ... Here we are sitting in the office, working hard, how lucky you are to have a rest.

People who are far from the Internet and make money in it can be understood. Although it becomes a little offensive for our blogger brother. From the outside, it really seems like what you can do there when you blog.

It is clear that this is not always the case, but it is very similar. Moreover, the more you started blogging from scratch, the more extensive the list of your tasks and topics studied. True, then, they do not completely narrow, as new projects and new ideas appear.

Here is a rough list of what you have to do:

Selecting keywords and writing articles 

Editing and processing photos for articles

Working with old posts and updating information in them.

Replies to comments on your blog - Commenting on other people's blogs

Answering letters by mail

Maintaining mailing lists 

Announcements of your articles on social networks and on free blog platforms

Developing your profiles, groups, pages on social networks (comments, photos, statuses, likes) 

Reading a large number of sites, both on the topic of your blog (we have a travel topic), and on an SEO-topic

Learning web programming: site engines, CSS, PHP, Java, and more.

Working with the usability and structure of the site to make the site as convenient as possible

Analyzing statistics of visits and traffic 

Analyzing sales statistics for affiliate programs and testing various schemes 

Working with the audience and understanding the topic of marketing in order to 

understand what will work and what will not

Writing assignments for copywriters, content manager or technical specialist 

The working day can be 10-15 hours, especially at the beginning, when the head is dizzy with new information. Therefore, I will not say that it is easier than working in an office. However, it is remote and not tied to a specific location. But, in any case, this is worth doing if such an activity is to your liking. However, this applies to any work, both remote and office.