I personally take Adderall to help my treatment-resistant depression, but I have found that it also works wonders for my social anxiety. I take a very small dose of 5 mg as needed when I feel really down in the dumps. I also have a mix of schizoid and avoidant personality disorder traits, so taking this medication really helps when I need to be social.
Prior to using the medication, I was very anti-amphetamines. Having researched them and having spoken with my psychiatrist about them, he told me that they are among the safest medications out if used properly. The reason many people experience problems with Adderall is that they are misusing it. I certainly can see how people could become addicted to this medication with relative ease.
If you are a person with addictive tendencies, this probably isn’t a good option for you. I still limit myself to taking it only when I absolutely need it. I classify needing it as in significant social situations and when I feel deeply suicidal. I don’t like to take it often or at high doses because I don’t want my body to become conditioned to this powerful medication.  Additionally, there is sometimes a wicked Adderall crash that some people may not be able to handle – even at low doses.  In my opinion, this crash is still considerably more favorable than withdrawing from an antidepressant or anti-anxiety medication.Order Online From Our Website : https://medsdaddy.com/product-category/adhd/buy-adderall-online/