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Share some Cisco Business Value Practitioner 840-425 exam questions and answers below.
What is true regarding Cisco solutions that provide capabilities required to meet the customer's future business needs? 
A. The current state of technology will provide the capabilities needed by the customer. 
B. Cisco solutions only provide capabilities for the current state. 
C. Comparing the current state of technology with capabilities provided by Cisco solutions and services helps identify gaps and provide opportunities for more services and solutions. 
D. Comparing the current state of technology with capabilities needed by the customer, the partner will confirm if the solutions sold helped solve the problem. 
Answer: C

Which two options are principles of the Cisco business outcomes sale? (Choose two.) 
A. Define outcomes which are time-bound. 
B. Initiate the conversation stating the competitive advantages of the Cisco solutions. 
C. Always provide as much technical detail as you can. 
D. Evolve to an outcome approach; as customers require, use product and solution selling. 
Answer: A, D

Which two options are benefits of adding Cisco and Partner services to help deliver business outcomes? (Choose two.) 
A. Increased OPEX. 
B. Reduced ROI. 
C. Increased profitability. 
D. Increased revenue. 
E. Reduced customer loyalty. 
Answer: C, D

Which two options are true regarding a customer goal? (Choose two.) 
A. A goal is s a desirable business state. 
B. A goal is a future expected outcome or state. 
C. A goal is a milestone to reach. 
D. A goal is a decision or choice. 
E. A goal is a priority that makes a difference. 
Answer: A, B

Which is the result of establishing goals, objectives and smart objectives in an organization? 
A. Measured results with KPIs 
B. An appropriate Project Management 
C. A better CANVAS 
D. A better Business Process 
Answer: A

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