Writing can be intimidating, especially if you don't know what you're capable of or have never written anything as long as a book. An editor or ghostwriter can offer advice, accountability, and support throughout the publishing process.

There are several ways to proceed depending on how comfortable you are with the writing process. Hiring the right expert can help you write your book faster and make it easier to read. Here are some ways ghostwriting services agency editors can assist you if you have the expertise and the message but are intimidated by the sight of a blank page.

Draft like the Wind!

Take a few weeks and jot down everything you want to say in your book if you're comfortable writing and can get your ideas down quickly. The structure isn't as important at this point; what matters is that you get your message down on paper (or hard drive).

After you've completed a rough draft, an editor can walk you through a developmental edit. The editor will assist you in organizing your thoughts into cohesive chapters with smoothly flowing ideas and clear takeaways for your reader. The early collaboration will help you avoid structural issues and ensure that you address your reader's pain points.

Put me in, coach.

If you only have a few hours a week to write but don't know how to structure your time or where to start, an editor can guide you through the writing process. This is also known as writing coaching or project development (PD).

An editor can assist you in refining your approach by discussing your book's goals and intended message and then assisting you in creating a detailed outline. If your outline is detailed enough, you should be able to plan out what you want to say in each chapter—and possibly each paragraph in each section of each chapter—before you start writing. Then you complete your manuscript by filling in the blanks.

During a PD, your editor will assign you manageable writing assignments and review everything you write to ensure that it is on topic, expresses your point clearly, and reads well.

I am not afraid of no ghost!

When you don't have the time to write or haven't written something in a long time, hiring someone to do it for you may be your best option. A ghostwriter can help you shape your ideas into a compelling story (yes, even nonfiction books need a narrative). They'll handle the flow and clarity mechanics, allowing you to focus on your business or the day-to-day ephemera of life.

Ghostwriting, like PD, begins with a discussion of your ideas. You and your ghost will work together to determine your message, your audience, and even the tone and voice you want to convey. You'll go over the book as it progresses to make sure you and the ghostwriter are still on the same page—pun intended—and that everything is coming together as you'd hoped.

You may be wondering. But doesn't hiring a writer imply that it's no longer my book? Consider hiring a CPA to do your taxes: you could do them yourself, but hiring a professional does not make them any less yours. Your expert will handle any complications that arise more effectively, and you will most likely complete the job more efficiently and quickly than if you had done the work yourself.