Prototype, small-batch product, and model projects require precision and often call for lettering, logos, or graphic details like stripes. When working on any of the above, think of custom dry transfers. They're the choice for museum and art gallery labels, which gives you an indication of their quality. You can design what you need and send your files electronically to a production house that produces your decals. They'll work on plastic and glass objects and apply quickly to wood, metal, and walls. You'll see great results with minimal effort if you use them on a smooth, clean, dry indoor surface. 

Custom dry transfers, also known as "rub-ons" to some people, are popular for many reasons related to their quality appearance – but they are also incredibly easy to use. Your decals will arrive on a see through plastic slick. You place it over the desired application surface and rub the decal on. It's a one step process that requires no special skills. The foolproof application is a comfort to anyone working on a deadline and under pressure to produce flawless results. The final appearance is painted on or printed on, depending on the application. Many people using custom decals for the first time are very impressed. 

Color can be a crucial consideration for many projects, and if you need an exact match, it's okay with custom dry transfers. If you need flair and flourish for a project, you can also inquire about foiled and metallic looks. The decals are versatile in appearance and application. They've even been used for restoration projects, most notably automobiles. Instrument panels and some labeled under-the-hood items needing lettering, stripes, or logos are all potential uses. Designers appreciate dry transfer decals because of their clarity in various sizes – even tiny lettering comes out clear and with good readability. 

Small batch and custom product makers also use transfer decals, often for labeling. If you want logos and lettering directly on the surfaces rather than on paper labels, it's an excellent option. If your items are smaller, you can print multiple copies on a single transfer sheet to keep costs low, and it's easy to cut them apart before application. They go on in a single step that takes seconds and won't slow down your manufacturing process. If there is variation among the labels, it's as easy as designing what you need and sending it to the production house. Custom dry transfers are a method that's wise to consider.

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