Printers are helpful devices when we need a physical copy of a document. However, many users face minor printer errors. When you know how to troubleshoot common printer error problems, you won’t have to waste time, energy, and money on printer services. Instant Help Zilla brings you answers to multiple common printer problems. 

How to Troubleshoot Common Printer Error Problems

Following is a list of usual issues and steps to troubleshoot common printer error problems:

A. Change the Cartridge / Low Ink Notification

You can reset the ink cartridge housing or counter of your Epson printer. Keep pressing the “Load/Eject” or “Cleaning” button for 3 to 5 seconds. 

Check the owner’s guide to know more about ink housing reset as techniques vary with the device. 

Shut down the low ink message from PC OS or the Printer program.

B. Unusual Clogging of Printhead 

Eject the cartridge from the printer. Damp a paper towel in warm water. 

Now, put the ink cartridge on the paper towel with the print side down. 

Blot in this way for a few more times. 

You will see clogged ink is fading away from the ink cartridge. 

C. Wifi Network Connection Issues

Due to modem, router, or network issues, the printer may drop the wifi connection. 

To troubleshoot, shut down the printer and wifi router. 

Now, first, turn on the wifi router. 

Check if a mobile or computer connects with the router. 

If this works, turn on the printer and wait for the printer to connect to the wifi network. 

Wrapping Up

You now know how to troubleshoot common printer error problems at home or the office. You will be able to keep your printer always up and running unless there is a serious hardware malfunction. Instant Help Zilla is the place, where you get quick resolutions to day to day problems with high-tech digital devices.