With a professional provider of managed network services, you can have the opportunity to offload recurring and upfront tasks. These are going to be handled by the provider’s team of experienced professionals, providing an infrastructure atmosphere that is precisely suited and applicable to your performance, budget requirements and availability.
Private Network
A professional service provider usually offers multiple options that help in the creation of private networks, giving you the assurance to achieve secure access to your organization’s IT infrastructure. Services for private networks allow you to have an access to your server and the service provider’s solutions through what is known as VPLS or virtual private LAN service and VPRN or virtual private routed network.
There are also professional service providers that offer VPN services which usually include SSL-type encryption, making use of the internet and other public infrastructures in the rendition and delivery of services. In most cases, professional providers usually negate leasing or owning private lines from carriers that reduce operational costs and oversight.
Performance DNS Service
A trusted and reliable provider of managed network services ensures its highly reliable DNS services in terms of availability. This means that such service becomes possible for you to utilize it anytime. In most cases, measurable interruptions are usually credited on your DNS service monthly charge. There are also service providers that offer credits against IP services should any interruption has taken place for more than thirty minutes.
Managed Router Service
Managed Router Service or MRS is a kind of service that offers IP transit and complete router solution. These usually include installation, managing and monitoring of your router. The fact is that you can use the provider’s router or your own, given that it comes to you with appointed minimum requirements. Basically, all MRS users are provided withsupport and troubleshooting on all circuits which are monitored by the service provider. This allows the users to enjoy peak performance to all routers used.
Content Delivery Network
Content delivery Network or CDN offers almost everything you need such as live streaming to certain types of devices, site delivery and robust analytics. There are also CDNs that serve content wherein the creator of content renders separate versions of video for streaming purposes. Topnotch service providers of CDN usually do heavy lifting wherein compatible files are created to suit every popular device like iPhones and iPads. Steaming formats are also made possible for programs like Silverlight, Adobe Flash and many others.