Stainless fasteners are made from steels with a high content of chromium and nickel. Stainless steels, as their name suggests, are resistant to corrosion, meaning they do not corrode when exposed to moisture and do not oxidize, maintaining a flawless appearance.

Stainless steel fasteners cost more than similar products made of carbon alloys. But many consumers prefer to buy it, despite the rather high price. Why you should give preference to stainless steel fasteners offered by super duplex fasteners manufacturer in India, you will find out by reading this article.

Stainless steel: composition, types, grades

The stainless category includes high-alloy steels containing at least 13% chromium and 8% nickel. The production process of stainless steel involves the use of additional components such as manganese, silicon, titanium, and molybdenum, making it a costly affair. The presence of these additives inevitably impacts the overall cost of the final products.

Depending on the structure and composition, four types of stainless steel are distinguished:

Ferritic - alloys have properties similar to those of low-carbon steels but are distinguished by higher corrosion resistance. The most commonly used steels are 12% or 17% chromium;

Austenitic - in their composition, there cannot be less than 7% nickel, due to which the alloy receives good weldability, ductility, and non-magnetism;

Martensite - contains 11-13% chromium and is distinguished by an average degree of corrosion resistance, hardness, and strength;

Ferro-austenitic (duplex) - combines ferritic and austenitic crystal lattices, differ in strength and flexibility.

Austenitic steels are used for the production of fasteners. The most popular brands are A2 and A4. They contain about 18% chromium and 12% nickel, but the A4 alloy additionally contains molybdenum (about 2%).

Benefits of stainless steel fasteners

In addition to corrosion resistance, stainless fasteners have many other advantages:

Strength - self-tapping screws and bolts easily withstand any load, including vibration, while maintaining all physical properties in full;Resistance to high and low temperatures without deformation and change in physical properties;Hygiene - fasteners can be used in any industry, including medical, pharmaceutical, food;Stainless fasteners do not require additional maintenance - painting and cleaning.

These benefits contribute to extending the life of stainless steel fasteners. They will not need to be replaced during service, as is often the case with carbon steel fasteners. By buying stainless hardware, you save money.

In conclusion, If you're searching for dependable, corrosion-resistant, and durable fasteners, stainless steel ones are an outstanding option. With their many benefits, they offer a cost-effective solution that will save you money and ensure the safety and performance of your equipment and structures.

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