Jewelry has been one of the necessary things in a woman’s wardrobe for long years. Styling gemstones in a modest way and turning them into stunning jewelry pieces.

There are many beautiful gemstones that geologists use to make jewelry. These gems are exquisite and precious, giving a lovely touch to your outfits and spicing up the whole look. Styling up expensive gold and silver jewelry is impossible, so these artificial gems can give you an efficient, great look without spending a lot of pennies.

Here are some of the most popular and attractive gems used in jewelry pieces and also in birthstone by month to help give you some impulse.


Amethyst stones are semi precious stones and soul-calming gems with a deep purple cooling effect color, usually representing love, happiness, and prosperity. They have been used in jewelry for many years rings and pendants were the main ornaments made from Real Amethyst.

Amethyst was precious, but in Brazil and Uruguay, they were found in large amounts and counted in semi-precious gems.


Emeralds have a green color of trace amounts of chromium or sometimes vanadium. Emeralds usually occur in hues ranging from yellow-green to blue-green colors, but with the primary hue as green.

It has a beautiful green color that denotes royalty when geologists use emerald stone in jewelry. They give a stunning look to the designed jewelry pieces, like wedding rings, and hold that fantastic look.


Ruby has a full and rich deep red color, and the reason they are so in trend is its color that makes it popular among those looking to portray their love and affection.

It is among the most prevalent traditional jewelry gemstones, which are durable. They make stunning pieces of jewelry that can spin the whole attire. Many people are clueless that natural ruby is red sapphires from the same mineral.


Blue sapphires are one of the most popular gemstones of the Corundum mineral family. The best color of Blue sapphires is an intense, velvety, deep royal blue. 

Geologists use them in making beautiful jewelry, most recognizably used in Princess Diana’s stunning engagement ring passed down to the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.


Sapphires come in many colors, like pink, green, orange, and yellow, but blue is the most popular color among all of them as all other colors have the hue of blue.


One o the most precious stones of all, diamonds are famous because they are a mineral composed of pure carbon. It is the hardest naturally occurring substance. Because of their extreme hardness, they became popular and the most precious gem.

Natural diamond come in various colors, including yellow, blue, and green, and red is the rarest. It has an apparent sparkling effect that makes it rare.


No need to wonder that diamonds take the top spot as the most popular gemstones and geologists use them in jewelry pieces. Diamonds give the spectacular and elegant look that no other gem can give when worn out. They are also paired with other gemstones in jewelry pieces which gives a most admirable jewelry piece. 


This gemstone has a unique and eye-soothing sea blue color also aquamarine color. With its sea-blue color, it has different stand-out popularity in gems. This gemstone hails from the Emerald family, and the aquamarine gem adds a lovely spark to your jewelry when worn.


There are several gems available to design jewelry pieces. Whether a ruby, blue sapphire, or a diamond, all have their own importance and look gorgeous when molded into beautiful rings, studs, and pendants. Buy Natural Gemstones and make your jewelry stunning and attractive.

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