Telemedicine Oklahoma gives you a convenient way to meet with a healthcare professional from the comfort of home. If you have not met with a nurse through these secure video calls before, you may wonder how it works. The process can be split into 4 easy steps:



1.     Scheduling the Virtual Visit

After you choose a qualified provider to meet with, it is time to schedule your telemedicine call. Because these visits are online, you will usually have a range of dates and times to choose from. Once that is done, you will receive some forms to fill out with basic information.



2.         Preparing for Telemedicine Oklahoma

To join the virtual visit, you need a device with audio-video capabilities and a stable internet connection. If you need to download an app for the call, give yourself plenty of time. Other than that, make sure your device is charged, and there are not too many distractions around you. If this is not possible, many providers will understand if children or pets interrupt the call.



3.         Meet with a Professional

During these online housecalls Oklahoma, you will discuss your symptoms with a healthcare professional. Based on the symptoms you describe, their observations, and the paperwork you sent, your doctor or nurse can diagnose and provide treatment advice for various conditions. These include minor injuries, cold and flu-like symptoms, common eye infections, and more.



Depending on your condition, they may recommend further treatment, such as an in-person

mobile urgent care visit or a trip to the ER.



4.           Following the Housecalls Oklahoma

After your telemedicine visit is complete, the professional you met with will share any additional details or treatment advice that you need to know. If you have any questions following the visit, you can contact them for more information.



Quality Care at NP2GO’s Mobile Urgent Care

NP2GO is here to help patients receive quality care from the comfort of their homes. Through our telemedicine services, our healthcare professionals meet with people across the country at the times and locations that work best for them. To learn more about our services or to schedule your appointment, please visit our website.

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