Why Do They Regard Bangladesh As A Possible Place For International Integration?                                                                    

One of the world's greatest population densities is found in Bangladesh. A few businesses are considering expanding in Bangladesh as a result of the country's recent considerable improvements in its health and education systems.

Bangladesh follows a certain procedure, like any other government, to give work visas to immigrants from other countries, permitting them to live and work there lawfully. Globalization Partners is able to assist you if you're unsure of how to process a work visa in Bangladesh. We are a multinational PEO that can find exceptional workers on your behalf and get the required working permits for each member of your team who will be traveling to Bangladesh.

Do You Know?: According to the Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Trading, Bangladesh exported a total of 691,017 employees between January and July of this year, compared to 256,187 during the same time last year, representing an almost 270% increase 

What Kinds Of Visas Are Available For Employment In Bangladesh?                                                                                                    

Each category of visa has particular criteria. Employees need to secure employment visas if your business is considering expanding into Bangladesh. If a person intends to visit and leave the country repeatedly while their visa is valid, they may be granted a work visa with a single entry, double entry, or multiple entry option. Depending on the category the employee selects, the visa expense will vary.

We Genuinely Offer 9 Different Forms of Employment Visas in Bangladesh. They Are:

Visa for government delegates

Enterprise visa

Entrepreneur visa

Visitor's visa

Either a job or work visa

Visa for research

Student visa

Visa for journalists

Religious visa

Are There Any Specific Qualifications For Obtaining Work Permits For Bangladesh?

The following documents are required of Bangladeshi employees in order to qualify for a work visa. To process a legal work visa quickly, provide us with the following documents.

The whole presentation of a visa application      

 Statement of recruitment from a Bangladeshi employer.

 A six-month minimum remaining on the original passport.  

 A recent passport photocopy is also required.

Written statement confirming payment of the visa fee to the respective embassy. 

Letter of endorsement from Bangladesh Board of Investment (BOI) and Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA).

Employees will also need to submit a self-addressed, pre-paid envelope if they choose to mail their passports back.      

How Do Our Services Aid In The Securing Work Permit?                                                                                                                     

Payroll2Bangladesh is a worldwide EOR solution with local affiliates in more than 100 nations. Consequently, we can streamline the procedure for onboarding workers from all over the world. All consumers are guaranteed end-to-end solutions by our HR suite, which is run by certified specialists.

When you deal with us, Payroll2Bangladesh will take care of your demands for processing work visas. We'll take care of payroll, benefits, and any other legal requirements your business must meet when you expand into Bangladesh. By getting in touch with us right away, you can find out how our service may assist your business in hiring onboarding team members all around the world.

What Does An E-Visa Precisely Entail?

An alternative to visas given at borders, the e-Visa system was established to spare travelers from protracted and tiresome administrative procedures. Online users can apply for visas to the nations they want to go to. If they fulfill the requirements through the e-visa system, those who are thinking about applying for a visa can get their travel papers. Visas obtained online are typically used for travel. Work permits and student visas are not yet subject to this system.

**The worldwide E-passport and E-visa market is predicted to rise to a size of USD 17050 million by 2028 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with a CAGR of 6.4% during the forecast period of 2022–2028. The market is currently assessed to be worth USD 11750 million today.**

Index of Governments Offering E-Visa:

As the years go by, there are more and more countries that employ online visa applications. As of 2018, this system was in use in 25 different nations, including the United States, New Zealand, Armenia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Cape Verde, Gabon, Georgia, India, Kenya, Kuwait, Malaysia, Moldova, Myanmar, Rwanda, So Tomé and Principe, Singapore, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Sri Lanka, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Uganda, Uzbekistan, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

In the case of e-Visas, there are no fees associated with acquiring visa badges. In 2013, 26 European nations issued over 16 million short-term visas, resulting in over 10 million Euros paid on visa stamps.

What Is The Process For Submitting An E-Visa Application?                                                                                                                  

The procedure of applying for an E-Visa is quite easy and hassle-free. You may apply for an e-Visa online without physically going to an embassy. The sole need is a passport that must be valid for at least six months after the date of application. 

Payroll2Bangladesh will assist you in obtaining a work permit visa. The application form is available on the website of Bangladesh's Department of Immigration and Passports. After completing and submitting the online visa application form, the applicant must print a copy of it. 

Following that, candidates must go to the Bangladeshi embassy or consulate in their home country with the completed visa application form and all other papers. Visa applications will be charged a cost by each nation. Given that the typical processing period for a Bangladesh visa is roughly two weeks, we ensure that clients acquire their visa in time to make travel plans and begin a job.

The Benefits Of E-Visas And The Difficulties Of Implementation:


An e-visa may be obtained at any time and from any location. You must have a current passport and internet access.

A lot of time can be saved by applying for an e-visa, which is a simple and hassle-free process.                                                                                     


Theft of one's identity. Governments are concerned about applicants' identities since visa applications are filed online and personal attendance at a visa office is not required.

It is impossible to acquire biometric data. While gathering biometric data, such as fingerprints and digital photos, is allowed when applicants must personally attend at the visa office, using an e-Visa service does not allow for this option.

What Sets An E-Visa Apart From A Visa On Arrival?                                                                                                                            

A visa is a legal document that grants you entry to a certain nation for a predetermined period of time. A person can apply for a visa online if they have an E-Visa. They can digitally sign the application form, attach all the required papers, and submit the form. 

A visa on arrival, on the other hand, means that you do not need a proper visa in order to travel and can simply buy the tickets on your passport and travel on it. Once you arrive at your destination, the authorities will stamp your passport with an on arrival visa, which will allow you to stay in the country for a set amount of time.

Characteristics of an E-Visa:

When applying for an E-Visa, the entire process is conducted online. The form must be downloaded and completed on your device in order to apply for a visa. The next step is to create a file with all of the supporting papers attached before submitting the application online. Be sure to attach the files in the manner specified by the instructions. You must complete everything correctly the first time since there is no turning back after you submit the paperwork after making a mistake.

Checking the list for the nation you intend to apply for is the first and most important thing you need to do because not all countries provide e-visas. Downloading and submitting the application is the simplest way to obtain an E-Visa.

Characteristics of an Arrival Visa:

The key difference between an On-Arrival Visa and a Regular Visa is that you do not have to apply for a visa legally by submitting an application and completing the necessary procedure. You can only travel with your passport, and your passport will be stamped with a visa stamp once you arrive in the country.

The most crucial part of the information about visas-on-arrival is that your passport must have at least 12 to 6 months left in it when you arrive in the nation. You must also provide documentation of your hotel reservations or evidence of residence. You will have to take a flight home if anything is lost.

To Sum Up The Subject:

A valid work permit is required for every foreigner who wants to work in another country. A Bangladesh work permit is a legal document that allows you to work in this nation. To receive this vital document, contact Payroll2bangladesh, which can assist you in obtaining a work permit visa.