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Managing Application Performance MonitoringManage Compute Engine Virtual Machines: It covers the applicants’ skills in analyzing & viewing logs; debugging custom VM images with serial ports, sending logs to Cloud Logging from VMs, and inspecting resource usage over time.Manage Workloads for the Google Kubernetes Engine: The considerations for this topic include configuring monitoring & logging, viewing & analyzing logs, configuring workload auto-scaling, writing & exporting custom metrics, and analyzing the lifecycle events of a container.Troubleshoot Application Performance: This one covers the skills of the test takers in using Cloud Debugger, creating and writing custom and log-based metrics, exporting the logs from GC, and using forums, Google Cloud support, and documentation, among others.How to Prepare For Google Professional Cloud Developer Exam

Preparation Guide for Google Professional Cloud Developer Exam


Google has designed different Role Based Certifications for the IT professionals to validate their skillset one among them is Google Professional Cloud Developer. This program gives Google cloud professionals a way to demonstrate their skills. The evaluation relies on a meticulous exam using industry standard methodology to validate aspirants proficiency standards to meet Google's proficiency standards.

According to Google, a Google Certified Professional Cloud Developer facilitate organizations to influence Google Cloud technologies. With a thorough understanding of cloud developer and Google Cloud Platform, this individual can design, develop, and manage robust, secure, scalable, highly available, and dynamic solutions to drive business objectives.

In this guide, we will cover the Google Professional Cloud Developer Exam, Google Professional Cloud Developer Certified Professionals salary and all aspects of the Google Professional Cloud Developer Certification.

Target Audience and Prerequisites

The Google Professional Cloud Developer certification exam is intended for those App Developers who are involved in designing and building applications to run on Google Cloud Platform. These specialists should be familiar with the Google Cloud Platform products, such as Cloud Storage, Compute Engine, Security Key Enforcement, as well as BigQuery.

There are no obligatory requirements that the candidates need to meet to become eligible for the qualifying test. Nevertheless, the target individuals are recommended to have three or more years of industry experience, including one or more years of experience in designing and managing solutions using Google Cloud. Besides that, the students need to develop a comprehensive understanding of the exam topics.

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Real Professional-Cloud-Developer Questions | Professional-Cloud-Developer Exam Bible

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Google Certified Professional - Cloud Developer Sample Questions (Q224-Q229):

You are creating and running containers across different projects in Google Cloud. The application you are developing needs to access Google Cloud services from within Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).
What should you do?

A. Use a Google service account with GKE role-based access control (RBAC).B. Assign a Google service account to the GKE nodes.C. Store the Google service account credentials as a Kubernetes Secret.D. Use a Google service account to run the Pod with Workload Identity.

Answer: D


You have an application deployed in Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) that reads and processes Pub/Sub messages. Each Pod handles a fixed number of messages per minute. The rate at which messages are published to the Pub/Sub topic varies considerably throughout the day and week, including occasional large batches of messages published at a single moment.
You want to scale your GKE Deployment to be able to process messages in a timely manner. What GKE feature should you use to automatically adapt your workload?

A. Horizontal Pod Autoscaler based on resources utilizationB. Vertical Pod Autoscaler in Recommendation modeC. Horizontal Pod Autoscaler based on an external metricD. Vertical Pod Autoscaler in Auto mode

Answer: A


HipLocal's APIs are showing occasional failures, but they cannot find a pattern. They want to collect some metrics to help them troubleshoot.
What should they do?

A. Install the Stackdriver Logging agent on the VMs.B. Use Stackdriver Trace to look for performance bottlenecks.C. Take frequent snapshots of all of the VMs.D. Install the Stackdriver Monitoring agent on the VMs.

Answer: D

You plan to make a simple HTML application available on the internet. This site keeps information about FAQs for your application. The application is static and contains images, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. You want to make this application available on the internet with as few steps as possible.
What should you do?

A. Upload your application to an App Engine environment.B. Create a Compute Engine instance with Apache web server installed. Configure Apache web server to host the application.C. Upload your application to Cloud Storage.D. Containerize your application first. Deploy this container to Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and assign an external IP address to the GKE pod hosting the application.

Answer: C

In which of the following circumstances should a technician ensure that he or she is grounded to minimize ESD?

A. The technician is working on a device that is plugged in to AC power.B. The technician is conducting a current test on a device.C. The technician is replacing a circuit board inside a device.D. The technician is cleaning the display on a device after reassembly.

Answer: C


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