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AWS Solutions Associate Certified Professional salary

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Understanding useful and specialized parts of AWS Solutions Associate Migration Planning

The accompanying will be dicussed in AMAZON AWS SOLUTIONS ASSOCIATE exam dumps:

Design secure access to AWS resources

Determining when to decide between users, groups, and roles, deciphering the net effect of a provided access policy, selecting relevant methods to secure a root account, determining ways to secure credentials using characteristics of AWS IAM, determining the safe method for an application to access AWS APIs, and selecting suitable services to generate traceability for access to AWS resources

Design secure application tiers

Determining when and how to utilise security groups and network ACLs, determining a network segregation strategy using public and private subnets, selecting the proper routing mechanism to safely enter AWS service endpoints or internet-based resources from Amazon VPC, and selecting relevant AWS services to defend applications from external threats

Select appropriate data security options

Determining the policies that need to be applied to objects based on access patterns, selecting fitting encryption options for data at rest and in transition for AWS services, and choosing proper key management options based on specifications

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Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate (SAA-C02) Sample Questions (Q229-Q234):

Can we attach an EBS volume to more than one EC2 instance at the same time?

A. Only in read mode.B. Only EC2-optimized EBS volumes.C. Yes.D. No

Answer: C

The application's traffic is often low. but it occasionally grows significantly. During these sudden increases in traffic, DynamoDB returns throttling errors. The result is that error pages are displayed to end users.
What should a solutions architect do to reduce these errors?

A. Purchase DynamoDB reserved capacity of 1,000 RCUs and 500 WCUs.B. Create a DynamoDB read replica to scale the read traffic horizontally.C. Configure the application to use strongly consistent reads for DynamoDB queries.D. Change the DynamoDB table to use on-demand capacity mode.

Answer: C

A solutions architect is designing a new API using Amazon API Gateway that will receive requests from users.
The volume of requests is highly variable; several hours can pass without receiving a single request. The data processing will take place asynchronously, but should be completed within a few seconds after a request is made.
Which compute service should the solutions architect have the API invoke to deliver the requirements at the lowest cost?

A. An AWS Glue jobB. An AWS Lambda functionC. A containerized service hosted in Amazon ECS with Amazon EC2D. A containerized service hosted in Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS)

Answer: B

What are the two permission types used by AWS?

A. Service-basedB. Resource-based and Product-basedC. User-based and Resource-basedD. Product-based and Service-based

Answer: C

Your company hosts a social media site supporting users in multiple countries. You have been asked to provide a highly available design tor the application that leverages multiple regions tor the most recently accessed content and latency sensitive portions of the wet) site The most latency sensitive component of the application involves reading user preferences to support web site personalization and ad selection.
In addition to running your application in multiple regions, which option will support this application's requirements?

A. Use the S3 Copy API to copy recently accessed content to multiple regions and serve user content from S3. CloudFront with dynamic content and an ELB in each region Retrieve user preferences from an ElasticCache cluster in each region and leverage SNS notifications to propagate user preference changes to a worker node in each region.B. Use the S3 Copy API to copy recently accessed content to multiple regions and serve user content from S3 CloudFront and Route53 latency-based routing Between ELBs In each region Retrieve user preferences from a DynamoDB table and leverage SQS to capture changes to user preferences with SOS workers for propagating DynamoDB updates.C. Serve user content from S3. CloudFront with dynamic content, and an ELB in each region Retrieve user preferences from an ElastiCache cluster in each region and leverage Simple Workflow (SWF) to manage the propagation of user preferences from a centralized OB to each ElastiCache cluster.D. Serve user content from S3. CloudFront and use Route53 latency-based routing between ELBs in each region Retrieve user preferences from a local DynamoDB table in each region and leverage SQS to capture changes to user preferences with SOS workers for propagating updates to each table.

Answer: D


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