In case your spiritual practice doesn't educate you the way to reply appropriately towards the altering conditions inside your existence without compromising your spiritual values or losing your inner peace, what good could it be? It's of little if any use. A Training Course in Miracles (ACIM) ought to be an operating course that can help you reside a more happy and self-satisfied existence today.


Yet, for many, this remains an unfulfilled promise. Why? Since most people never complete the 365 daily Workbook Training connected using the text. The Workbook Training are made to bypass your brain of the ego and open your heart. Yet, most either ignore, struggle or neglect to keep the true concept of these training however, you can alter that.


This book covers the 365 Daily Workbook Training. Each lesson is presented in "Dummies" format so the richness of those training will end up apparent, understandable and most importantly, practical. "Dummies" format demystifies the initial workbook training by replacing the pronouns and unclear references using their meanings. This clarifies the reason or concept of each lesson. All antecedent references designed to ACIM's Workbook Training are clearly noted in bold print for simple mention of original text. Each lesson will be adopted by an explanatory note to help the readers having a much deeper knowledge of a course in miracles.


The notes are made to promote discussion and clearness, to not limit ideas and stop individual interpretation. As a result, ACIM Workbook for Dummies may be used as whether primary or secondary text for independent or group study. The ACIM for Dummies Series is a superb reference tool for individuals seeking a much deeper degree of knowledge of A Training Course In Miracles' teachings. The ACIM for Dummies series cuts thorough the mystery from the Course's esoteric text and makes Jesus' message alive and available to the standard readers.


The richness and ease of ACIM's message of freedom, pleasure, forgiveness and unconditional love awaits anybody who's prepared to see things differently. You are able to exchange your fear-based thought system for that peace of God. Happiness is just a choice away and you may make that choice today. Here's your time for you to shine. You will no longer have excuse to not complete these training and finished the program. A unique because of Jon Mundy who provided the forward with this book.