From making them softer to adding fun colors and patterns, read on to learn how to make throw pillow inserts easier for everyone in your home. As adults, we all know that throwing a pillow at someone is not a healthy solution to solving any problem. But for kids, it can be the norm. If you’re like most parents, you probably struggle to get your kids to stop throwing pillows at each other. But chances are, that’s because you don’t know how to make throw pillow inserts easier for them. In this blog post, we will show you a few easy ways to make your throws more fun and less likely to result in a bloody nose. 

throw pillow inserts

 The throw pillow inserts are a fun way to spruce up your home and make your pillows more comfortable. You can buy inserts, but they can be difficult to put in and take out. This tutorial will teach you how to make your own inserts with just a few supplies.

First, you will need some batting or foam. Cut a piece that is about twice the size of the pillow insert you want to make. Next, cut two pieces of fabric that are the same size as the batting and long enough to cover the entire back side of the batting. Pin one piece of fabric over the top of the batting, so that it covers both sides. Then, sew around all four edges of the fabric using a zigzag stitch.

Next, cut two pieces of elastic that are about twice as long as the width of the opening in your throw pillow cover. Slip one end of each elastic into one end of each piece of fabric, so that they are stretched outwards. Then, pull each elastic tight until they meet in the center at the opening in your throw pillow cover. Make sure there is enough slack left so that you can easily put in and remove your insert.

Finally, line up your insert with the opening in your throw pillow cover and Sew Around The Edges Again Using A Zigzag Stitch To Make A snug Fit. Then, Cut Away The excess fabric.

These are the basic steps for making your own throw pillow inserts. If you want to make your inserts more colorful or fun, there are a few other things you can do. You can add fun borders or stripes to your fabric pieces, or use different types of fabrics like cotton or fleece. You can also add embellishments like tassels or pom-poms.

Tips for Making Throw Pillow Inserts Easier

There are a few tips that can make the process of making throw pillow inserts much easier. First, choose a design that is easily printable on a home printer. Second, be sure to measure the size of your throw pillow before beginning the project. Third, use a hot glue gun and strong adhesive to attach the printable fabric to the foam insert. Finally, trim any excess fabric before pressing the two pieces together.

Tips for a Successful Throw Pillow Insert

If you are having trouble incorporating a throw pillow into your decor, follow these tips:

1. Make a template first. Trace the outline of the pillow onto some sturdy paper, then cut out the shape. You can use this template to help you create the perfect fit for your specific pillow.

2. Use felt or other fabric scraps to make the insert. Cut out the shape and attach it to the back of the pillow using Velcro or another adhesive material.

3. Sew around the edges of the insert, then sew up any gaps that may exist.

4. Repeat steps 2-3 for as many inserts as necessary.

How Often to Change Throw Pillow Inserts

Most people think that throwing a pillow inserts is enough to keep them comfortable during sleep, but this isn’t always the case. A tired sleeper may actually suffer from poor neck and shoulder posture if they’re using the same pillow every night. This is because over time, the pillow can accumulate sweat, hair, and other oils which can cause you to wake up with pain in your neck or shoulders. If you’re sleeping on your side or stomach, your head will also be resting on a different spot each night, which can also cause problems.

To avoid these issues, it’s important to replace your throw pillow insert at least once a year. This doesn’t have to be a big deal – all you need to do is grab a new one from your local thrift store or department store. Just make sure that the new insert is of the same size as your old one so that it will fit snugly into the fabric casing. If you don’t want to go through all of this hassle every year, then you can try using two pillows instead of one. Just make sure that they are of different sizes so that one will be pushed down slightly while you’re sleeping and the other will provide support for your head and neck.

Choosing the right throw pillow inserts


Throw pillows are a popular addition to any home, but can be a little difficult to remove and replace. If you’re looking for an easier way to get your throw pillow inserts out, try this trick: use a hair dryer on low heat to heat up the insert until it becomes pliable. Once it’s soft enough, peel it off of the pillow and replace it with your new insert. This is a great tip if you’re short on time or want to make replacing your throw pillow inserts as easy as possible!