Many of the benefits of Monel 400 are also present in Monel K-500, a well-liked nickel-copper superalloy from Special Metals, but with increased strength and hardness. These developments are due to two key factors:

1.On top of a solid nickel-copper foundation, titanium and aluminium are added to boost strength and hardness.

2.The material's strength and hardness are further increased through age hardening.

Age-hardened nickel-copper alloy MonelTM K-500 (UNS N05500) has two to three times the strength of Monel 400. It maintains its exceptional mechanical qualities at temperatures as high as 650 degrees Celsius. In environments including chemicals and chlorides, it also exhibits great corrosion resistance. Its blend of physical and mechanical properties makes it regularly used in a variety of demanding applications.

Solid bars of monel K-500, available from Ranfit Metal, range in diameter from 5/8" (15.875mm) to 10". (254mm). Throughout the course of our business, we produced our own ingots for further processing, but today we collaborate closely with our mill partners to provide a competitive product.

Fastener manufacturers who are also our clients seem to favour bars with a diameter of about 1". (25.4mm). Due to their ubiquitous use, fasteners may end up in components for the chemical processing industry, marine atmospheres, pumps, and valves.

To build stems for a variety of valve types, valve manufacturers most usually purchase somewhat larger size bars, typically 1-2" (25.4-50.8mm). Alloy K500 has equivalent corrosion resistance, although aluminium bronze is a common material for the cast bodies of valves that handle seawater and chemicals. However, it is less probable that the stem will be harmed due to abuse or the valve "sticking" in operation because of its remarkable strength and longevity in a wide range of working conditions.

A wider variety of applications are being purchased for bars in the 3-4" (76.2-101.6mm) range. Alloy K500 is known to be used in the production of specialist marine and naval hardware due to its exceptional strength and endurance in a saltwater environment. These sizes of pump shafts, which are frequently used in firefighting and seawater-lift pump systems, can also be created using it. Although they are not as common as they once were, propeller shafts are a target application since duplex and superduplex stainless steels are now more affordable.



Once more, our clients are manufacturing valves with greater bar diameters, ranging from 6 to 10". (152.4-254mm). However, given of the wide variety of media this alloy can withstand, they are typically machined into the bodies of valves at this size of starting stock for usage in the chemical process sector.

Other applications for Alloy K500, which is resistant to saltwater and sour gas environments, include drill collars and instruments used in oil well drilling equipment. It is reportedly utilised in a variety of applications, including aerospace, chemical processing equipment, including doctor blades and mixers, springs, pump sleeves, and wear rings.