The distributors in former times use to operate business without any technological assistance that lacks the capacity to do more with fewer efforts. Since the arrival of software and technologies the scenario has been completely changed for distributors as many of them are able to conduct business operations smoothly without facing any interventions.

The facility of white label in Mutual Fund Software for IFA has the potential to advertise the business at low cost that too at wider level which helps in attracting multiple clients at a time. The REDVision Technologies offers best wealth management platform to the distributors which helps in reducing the efforts at minimized cost and also improves the results.


·         Develops loyalty among the clients of advisors.

·         Creates goodwill for the advisors business.

·         Reduces marketing cost and adoption of multiple strategies for promotion.

·         Saves time and efforts of advisors.

·         Serves excellence and strengths brand name.

To tackle all the issues and achieve dominant position in the industry adapting popular technology proves the best decision which also reduces the cost of operations and assists in acquiring new investors on regular basis. In absence of such platform the distributors face issue in dealing with clients and also find unable to provide services on regular basis which affects the relations with the investors.

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