Prosperity Begins

Real estate investment has proven to be the one and only form of investment to keep your fund ahead inflation and currency devaluations.

Inflation leads to the devaluation of any nation’s currency. Thus, keeping your money in the ideal may lead to loss of value, especially in a country like Nigeria. Interestingly, in the same economy where money loses its value, real estate appreciates. The market never sleeps.

For those who know how to play the game of numbers, the Nigerian real estate industry is a gold mine. In just five years, rapid development has overtaken the industry, and major real estate companies are creating a shift in the - “I cannot own a Property mindset.” Leveraging on these changes, Tribitat Real Estate Limited, one of the fastest-growing real companies in Nigeria, has created its new investment product – Landvest Property Investment Scheme.

Landvest is a flexible property investment initiative that creates the opportunity for everyone to earn 12%, 25%, 35% and 45% returns on real estate investments over a period of six to twenty-four months with as low as N1,000,000 for a unit of property per square meter.


-Landvest fund is invested into Real Estate Investment which Is an excellent hedge against inflation

With real estate investments, one can generate as much passive income as possible. Regardless of the employment status of the investor, profit will always roll in.

Real estate investment guarantees insulation against higher risks, as the properties are tangible and can be used for diverse purposes.

Billionaires around the world invest in and believe in real estate. Does that mean it is a wealth secret? Think about it for a moment.

Landvest is the best real estate investment initiative for anyone who loves their “sleep” and “peace of mind”.

Landvest allows investors to liquidate their real estate investment in no time. Investors will also get high returns on investment, making it a winning model for smart investors.