New York City is made out of five wards: The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. Every district is coextensive with a separate province of New York State.

Brooklyn Is fourth Largest "City" in America. With over 2.6 million occupants, Brooklyn is NYC's biggest and quickest developing district.

Brooklyn is decent spot to live. Brooklyn is in Kings County and is probably the best spot to live in New York. Living in Brooklyn offers occupants a thick metropolitan feel and most inhabitants lease their homes. In Brooklyn there are a great deal of bars, eateries, bistros, and parks. The state funded schools in Brooklyn are better than expected. Individuals from the New York City ward of Brooklyn, otherwise called Brooklynites.

The living standard of Brooklyn:

Brooklyn is modest to live in .Keep as a primary concern, living in Manhattan is costly so Brooklyn can be an extraordinary decision. Along these lines, despite the fact that things have changed and the costs have gone up – living in Brooklyn is even more moderate than living in Manhattan. So when you are making your spending remember that your all out expense to live in Brooklyn . Brooklyn is less expensive than Manhattan as far as the average cost for basic items, Brooklyn stays 9.77% lower than Manhattan. In any case, with lease costs merging all through the two districts, Brooklyn may not really be less expensive than Manhattan any longer.   

Concerning Brooklyn, it's by and large viewed as safe for vacationers, yet a portion of its areas—particularly East New York, Vinegar Hill, Fort Greene, Williamsburg, DUMBO, and Crown Heights—do experience the ill effects of more wrongdoing than different spots in New York, as indicated by Safe Around and Address Report.

The rich people live in Brooklyn :

Cobble Hill is the most costly neighborhood in Brooklyn, as indicated by a new report. COBBLE HILL, BROOKLYN — Cobble Hill's may have at last ousted Dumbo as the most costly spot to live in the ward, and one extravagance apartment complex may be the motivation behind why.

The Brooklyn City and Telephone Directories

The Brooklyn City and Telephone Directories give an abundance of data about people, organizations, occupations, promoting, and social class status, just as pragmatic neighborhood data, for example, road maps, public administrations, shopping and eatery guides, guides of quick travel frameworks, and more. The soonest city directories list names, locations, and occupations of Brooklyn occupants, while later directories incorporate telephone numbers for people and organizations. The "first class" directories list names and addresses of Brooklyn's richest inhabitants, and some incorporate separate postings for affluent occupants of the town of Flatbush and Long Island.

New York City Directory and Telephone Directories :

The Brooklyn Public Library has put duplicates of the 1856 Brooklyn City Directory and of the accompanying in order and business (characterized) phone registries for New York City on the web:

•            Alphabetical for all precincts of New York City: 1909, 1910, 1914 (one duplicate fragmented, finishing with organization name "Richmond Produce" in the Staten Island area; another duplicate likewise inadequate, finishing with last name "Roman"in the Brooklyn and Queens segment and no Staten Island postings), 1915, 1917, 1920

•            Alphabetical for Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens: 1910 (inadequate, finishing with the last name "Trousdale" in the Brooklyn and Queens area)

•            Alphabetical for Brooklyn: 1929-1932, 1934-1947, 1949-1967

•            Alphabetical for Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island: 1924-1926, 1927 (initial segment of "A" part for joined Brooklyn and Queens is missing), 1928

•            Classified business for Brooklyn: 1927-1929, 1931-1943

•            Classified business for Queens: 1927, 1928

Moreover, the New York Public Library has set duplicates of the 1940 phone directories for every one of the five districts of New York City on the web.

Brooklyn City Directories: 1796, 1802/3, 1811/12, 1822 1826, 1829 1910, 1912-1913, 1933/4