Bank of America not only provides banking services to its users but also offers various kinds of card-related facilities. If you have a bank of America debit card or credit card, then you must be aware of the benefits and perks it comes with. And the best thing about these cards is that you can manage them simply by creating a bank of America login account.

However, there are some unfortunate users who might have lost their cards and looking for ways to get them locked. So, to put a pause on making any transactions from your debit card, you are required to know the correct procedure for the same.

In case you are looking for that, then let me be clear and help you in this process. But, before you step into this procedure, please make sure that you know the apt Bank of America login details. If you think you are ready with all your card and account-related details, then you can start applying the steps that I have provided below.

Steps required for locking your card 

Well, the steps listed below can be applied to the web version of Bank of America or its mobile app:

Sign in to your account with the apt bank of America login details  Go to the "Menu" section of your accountAnd then, click on the "Manage debit card or credit card" optionFollowed by this, you need to select the card that you wish to manageNow, you need to select the lock/ unlock toggle toward the lock position

As soon as you lock your card, you'll get a confirmation message regarding the same. In case you do not find it ever and wish to use this debit card for making different transactions, then you can apply for a new card by visiting the bank branch or by applying for it online.

On the other hand, if you get back your card, then you can select the same toggle again and the card will get unlocked.


In today's post, we have seen how easy it is to manage and lock your bank of America card in case you ever lose it. Well, this could be only made possible when you have an online bank of America login account. So, we suggest you always opt in for online banking services whenever required.